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Location: Chino Hills, California, USA
School: California Baptist
Major: Psychology


Lawrence Luck
Chino Hills, CA
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California Baptist University | Riverside, CA
Bachelor of Science in Psychology Anticipated: April 2022
Organizational and Industrial Psychology Concentration
Minors: Behavioral Science and Christian Studies

Student Worker at Department of Children and Family Services | Pomona, CA Sep 2019 - Present
Office Assistant
● Ensure that coworkers are no longer needing help
● Allocate assisting in phone calls
● Assess directions in mail order
● Hand out flyers if applicable
● Maintain knowledge of social service structure
● Process notes on specific job requirements for each supervisor

Burlington Coat Factory | Chino, CA Dec 2018 – Sep 2019
● Processed customer purchases, layaways, Burlington programs, and returns at the register while forging a relationship with the guest.
● Sorted coat hangers by size to itemize the most optimal setup.
● Organized and restock products to ensure a pristine layout.
● Answered customer service phone, while greeting and ensuring the guest's best satisfaction.
● Assisted customers with finding product and lost items, to convey that we care and love our guests.
● Promoted welcoming environment by greeting customers entering and exiting store, with a warm smile and a gentle hand wave.

● Computer: Highly proficient in Microsoft Suite and R Studio.
● Certification Tay Wow Job Training: Identified optimal interview training techniques while acquiring networking skills. Assembling leadership skills to fulfill management positions.
● Workshop 360 Behavior Health Completion: Demonstrated knowledge of Autism and how the Autism spectrum works. Presented guidance of wisdom to know therapeutic values. Showcased very apparent knowledge of autism and therapy while finishing a test related to the workshop training.
● CPR, AED, and First Aid Certification: Acknowledged skills in Hemlock maneuver, saving lives with CPR, learning how to utilize the first aid kit in an emergency, and AED.
● Member of Society of Clinical Psychology: Seeking Mentorship for clinical programs and internships while having the ability to publish academic literature.