Kyndall Zeller's Resume
Location: Dripping Springs, TX, USA
School: Colorado State University
Field of study: Zoology

Kyndall Zeller's Resume

Driven Colorado State University graduate passionate about research and education, wanting to pursue a career that involves both teaching and further discovery of the natural world.
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Bachelor of Sciences in Zoology (December 2019)
• GPA: 3.947
• Relevant Coursework: Ecology, Marine Biology, Mammalogy
• Awards and Honors: CSU Honors Program, graduated Magna Cum Laude
Colorado State University Department of Health and Exercise Science, Fort Collins, CO
Youth Sports Camp Counselor/Coordinator, June 2020-August 2020
• Helped to execute and supervise activities for an array of sports and outdoor adventure camps for children in elementary and middle school
Colorado State University Department of Biology, Fort Collins, CO
Research Assistant/Lab Technician, June 2017-June 2020
• Assisted two graduate students with data collection and research tasks on guppies including RNA extraction, osmolality readings, color analysis, and other quantitative traits
• Aided in the animal husbandry of guppies, helping with sanitation, feeding, and overall maintenance of a lab studying the ecology of Trinidadian guppies
Field Technician, July-August 2018 & February-March 2020
• Manuel Congo, Trinidad
• Assisted two graduate student with the collection of Trinidadian guppies in their native estuarian habitat and performed various research tasks within the field station
Beattie Elementary School, Fort Collins, CO
Tutor, September 2016-May 2017
• Helped elementary-aged children with reading- and math-related activities, employing a positive attitude to encourage learning
Colorado State University Department of Biology
Biology Outreach, November 2018-present (10 hours)
• Assisted a graduate student with the presentation of an outreach kit designed to aid in teaching middle and high schoolers the concept of evolution
Lab Assistant, October 2016-May 2017 (100+ hours)
• Aided several graduate students in maintaining a lab studying the ecology of guppies, carefully assessing fish health and helping out with daily feedings
Westwood High School, Austin, TX
Peer Reaching Out and Sharing program, October 2014-May 2016 (100+ hours)
• Supervised elementary-aged children who needed help with socialization skills and academic studies, instilling confidence with games and verbal encouragement
• Honors Thesis Improvement Grant
• Dean of Natural Sciences Research Grant
• Currently working on two papers (first author and coauthor) regarding the study of Trinidadian guppies
• Certified PADI SCUBA Diver
• CPR and First Aid Certified
• Marine Conservation