Kyle Newman's resume
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Location: Goshen, NY, USA
School: Loyola University Chicago
Field of study: History

Kyle Newman's resume

28 Northgate, Goshen, NY, 10924
Kyle Newman
Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL 60611, MA: History, GPA 3.70, May 2019
SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126, Major: History, Minor: Creative Writing, GPA: 3.02, May 2017
Warwick Valley High School, Warwick, NY 10990, June 2013
Contributor, ------------ July 2019-Present
Covered the New York Mets and Jets: Over half of my articles have been picked up by BleacherReport, and my most viewed article garnered over 20,000 views in one day.
After School Program Instructor, Robot City Workshop September 2018-May 2019
Wrote Lesson Plan: I wrote a lesson plan for each robot that was built in class to help the students understand the science behind how the robot worked the way it did before building it. That way the students would get an extra science class and then allow them to get hands on, which engages them in the material and in my experience makes the lesson stick.
Teach Classes: Taught Classes of K-5 graders sized from 5-19 students in Wealthy private schools, Catholic schools, and low income public schools.
Teamwork: Taught Classes with multiple teachers as classes were often large, and taught the kids how to work effectively in groups so they wouldn't be overly dependent on the instructors when building their robots.
Treasurer, SUNY Oswego's Men's Volleyball Club: August 2016-May2017
Balanced Budget: The club was given $5,000 for the entire year and I turned that money into entry fees for 10 tournaments including nationals, travel to and from each tournament, new balls for the club, and a new net. This was the first time in club history that we were able to afford to go to nationals, which was held in Kansas City.
Ran Open Practices: I was in charge of creating and running drills during practices that were open to everyone in the club and anyone interested in joining.
Referee: As a way to earn extra money for the team to pay for better travel arrangements I arranged for myself and other experienced player to be referees for girls volleyball club tournaments, which included club teams from across the SUNY system.
Intern, Warwick Historical Society: May 2016-August 2016
Archived Scrapbooks: I used Microsoft Excel to archive large sets of information from scrapbooks owned by the historical society. The information included marriages, deaths, newspaper articles, and poems. I took it upon myself to find any articles, poems or pictures that would be of any use for the historical society, or any events that we were running.
Wrote Press Releases: After noticing that the Society had owned most of the spots in town connected to Pokemon Go I took it upon myself to write up a press release to capitalize on the free publicity it gave us. From then on I was put in charge of writing/editing press releases for anything targeted at a younger audience.
Camp Counselor: I worked with a team of counselors to create and run activities for over 20 kids age 8-10. This included writing a lesson plan for a tour of Baird's Tavern and teaching the kids about and how to work on an archaeological dig site.
Teachers for NYC Charter Schools certified
Efficient with Microsoft Office
An Experienced Teacher
Can Work with my Hands
Excellent Research skills
Excellent Writer
Extensive sports knowledge
Leonardo Hernandez, Professor SUNY Oswego:------------ or ------------
Robby Sabo, Founder, ------------:
Bob Katovich, Program Director at Robot City:------------ or ------------