Kruti Goswami's Resume
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Location: Woodbridge, NJ, USA
University: Gujarat University
Major: MBBS

Kruti Goswami's Resume


Articulate and friendly with a professional demeanor. Energetic and punctual, dedicated to excellence with a reputation for accuracy. Excellent organization, communication, and relationship-building skills. Experienced in various medical settings including government/private hospitals, clinics, assisted-living community, and laboratories.


ECFMG Certified November 2018
Bachelors in Medicine and Bachelors in Surgery (MBBS) Class of 2015
AMC MET Medical College, Gujarat University, INDIA

David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute Class of 2009


Medical Assistant at DSCC
Red Bank, New Jersey
Document detailed patient history and health assessment plans
Advanced in assisting physician with multiple Mohs surgeries, outpatient dermatological procedures, and perform physical examinations
Saved the clinic workload by volunteering to perform duties like organize and pack sterile instruments, obtain consent for various dermatological procedures, discuss procedures and complications with patients, administer local anesthesia independently, wound dressing and follow up care for all patients
Entrusted with a variety of clinical procedures such as excision and removal of moles and growth, suturing and suture removal
Given successful biopsy and post-surgical care and instructions
Accurately call in patient prescriptions and documentation of patient notes
Assist and observe a variety of laser procedures, peels, botox and collagen, and Ultherapy

Observership at Soho Health Clinic
New York
Attend a busy medical clinic providing a full range of advanced medical services in the heart of NYC, started strengthening my understanding of a US healthcare system
Bolster my skills to obtain extensive and detailed patient history, general physical examination, while observing doctor-patient interactions
Work with MacPractise-MD application for patient chart documentation
Encountering cases like chronic hypertension, diabetes-induced ESRD, congestive heart failure, ADHD/Depression
Individual patient-based case discussions, differential diagnosis, and management plans with the medical team, strengthening my clinical knowledge in patients with acute/chronic symptoms and making a therapeutic plan
Boost clinical knowledge of CDC recommended immunizations, encountering patients traveling to various countries
Observe OPD procedures like spirometry, EKG, aorta scan

Hands-on Experience at Walk-in Clinic
Staten Island
Observer at an adolescent medicine specialist with hands-on experience
Obtain detailed patient history, record patient vitals, and perform physical exams
Accurately perform and record Rapid Strep test and Rapid Flu test independently
Learn and administer age-appropriate vaccinations
Manage PPD follow-up patients and precisely interpret tests
Counseling adolescent patients, while helping them with PHQ9 questionnaires
Observe, perform, and interpret EKG, audiometry, and vision tests

Shadowing/Hands-on at Bramalea & Bovaird Walk-in Clinic
Shadowing Dr. Gurmeet Sidhu, familiarizing with the Canadian healthcare system
Worked with walk-in patients, bolster my skills to perform a history and physical examination, interpret labs, imaging and case presentation
Take patient's medical history, perform a physical examination
Perform any basic medical procedures, documentation of a concise medical history
Give an oral presentation of the patient’s history, discuss any specific care/treatments
Give intramuscular injections
Observe Cortisone Injections given in knee and shoulder, perform a Rapid Strep Test, urine pregnancy test, Foley’s catheter insertions, venipuncture for blood tests

Volunteer at Gore Meadows Community Center
Volunteer in an assisted living house and helping senior residents providing counseling, medications, and general care
Giving general support, arranging fun activities like puppet shows and games, reading books, taking them for regular doctor visits

Shadowing at Guardian Pharmacy Medical Clinic
Shadowing Dr. Mayura Loganathan
Exposure to a few French-speaking patients
Worked with patients taking their medical history, medication allergies, physical condition, and test results to verify the necessity of procedures and treatment
Interact with the physician discussing medical treatment and controversial topics
Perform Ear Wax Irrigation, give intramuscular injections
Observed and gained insight into the life of a physician working at a medical clinic

General Medical Assistant at Jigar Heart and Medical Hospital
Patan, India
Work in a busy outpatient department handling over 200 patients per day, along with indoor patient management, and on-call emergencies
Coordinated with the medical team to order appropriate tests, arranged outpatient follow-up
Managed patients and maintain patient charts and record in the ward
Perform basic physical assessment in the outpatient department, pre-discharge evaluation in indoor patient department
Write daily SOAP notes, discharge notes, and summaries
On-phone evening case presentations with Dr. Panchiwala
Management of multiple acute poisoning of paracetamol and encounter various other poisoning cases
Familiar with CPR procedures during emergency encounters and various conditions like hypertension, stroke, CAD, CHF, and smoking cessation counseling

Medical Doctor at Green Cross Pathology Laboratories
Ahmedabad, India
Screen over 200 blood donors in rural and urban areas during each shift, totaling over 50 blood donations
Interact with patients, promote and discuss the procedure for blood donations
Emphasize the advantages of regular blood donation
Discuss treatment plans for any preexisting conditions and guidelines for secondary and tertiary preventions

General Medical Officer
Jigar Heart and Medical Hospital
Worked in the outpatient department, indoor patient management, and on-call emergency
Managed patient and maintain patient charts and records in the ward
Perform basic physical assessment in the outpatient department

Internship at Lallubhai Gordhanbhai Municipal General Hospital
Ahmedabad, India
One-year compulsory medical rotation in departments of Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Dermatology, and Trauma management
Assisted in planning of care under the supervising attending physician of each department
Outpatient care with follow up of patients with multiple chronic illnesses, diagnosing and ordering tests and interpreting results and providing medical treatment
Inpatient care for newly admitted patients, case presentations, writing daily SOAP notes, pre-discharge clinical evaluation, writing discharge notes/summaries
Participated and run public health programs extensively including Pulse Polio, Universal Immunization, School Health Check-Up, AIDS Awareness Program, Swine Flu Awareness during the 2015 Indian Swine Flu outbreak, Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program
Department of Internal Medicine: detailed history taking, obtaining vital signs, and performing a physical examination. Document patient care in patient charts. Obtain blood samples of ward patients. Counsel and educate patients and families about conditions and address any concerns. Management of ICU patients. Participate in RNTCP and work under Department of Pulmonary Diseases
Department of Community Medicine: assessment of living conditions with education of underprivileged communities about sanitation and proper nutrition Health education about vector-borne diseases. Work at CHC and with Anganwadi workers Participate with RNTCP in underprivileged communities
Department of Emergency Medicine: draw blood samples and take patient history. Perform intravenous line insertion, suturing, laryngoscopy and ET tube insertion, catheter and NG tube insertions
Department of General Surgery: suture wounds and removal, wound care and dressing. Explain surgical procedures and obtain consent. Pre-operative assessment of patient. Provide postoperative and follow-up care. Assisted in OT procedures like incision and drainage, hernia and hydrocele repair, and fistulotomy Participate and learn about surgeries like appendicectomy, hernia repair, cholecystectomy, colostomy, incision and drainage of abscesses, diabetic foot ulcers, and limb amputation
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology: conduct pelvic and per-vaginal examinations. Monitor and measure blood pressure in outpatient department. Provide family-planning services and well-woman care. Manage patients during active labor in the delivery room including episiotomy and repair
Department of Psychiatry: obtain detailed patient history, manage in-patient charts and lab reports, draw blood samples for labs, and observed ECT procedure
Department of ENT (Otolaryngology): Worked in the outpatient department, taking history, and perform otoscopy examinations. Perform hearing tests and interpret audiograms. Document inpatient medical charts. Confer with physicians regarding diagnoses, treatment, and procedures. observed OT procedures like tympanoplasty, FESS, and septoplasty
Department of Ophthalmology: History taking, perform vision tests, and fundoscopy examination in outpatient department. Obtain pre-operative consent. Observed phacoemulsification and laser ablation in diabetic retinopathy
Department of Swine Flu: worked during the swine flu outbreak in India in 2015, manage high-risk patients in OPD independently, throat swabbing and culture in suspected patients
Department of Orthopedic: take patient histories and detailed joint examination Interpret in office x-rays with supervising physician and discuss treatment options. POP casting and removal. Assisted in surgery and provided pre- and post-operative patient care. Performed procedures including lumbar puncture, intravenous line insertion
Department of Pediatrics: Take a detailed medical history. Manage charts and patient medical records that reflect the care and services provided to the patient. Take vital signs and administer vaccines as needed. Encourage mothers for exclusive breastfeeding and proper diet management postpartum.
24-hour ER duties which included managing trauma, acute medical and surgical emergencies


Fluent in English, Hindi, and Gujarati languages
Learning Spanish and French

Kruti Goswami