Khondoker Tawsif Akber
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Location: Huntington Station, NY, USA
School: Farmingdale State College
Major: Computer Engineering

Khondoker Tawsif Akber

Proficient in network analysis and setup through CISCO Packet Tracer
Applied fundamentals of microprocessors and microcontrollers with heavy focus on architecture, memory, programming, and signal timing
Firm background in mesh and nodal analysis incorporating active and passive elements to ensure circuits and designs meet their required specs
Thorough understanding of lab equipment use such as oscilloscopes, AC/DC power supplies, and multimeters
Attention to detail within sequential logic circuits and knowledge of logic gates and their uses
Able to implement PCB designs and solder SMDas well as THTcomponents
Skilled in MATLAB use for matrix analysis
Circuit setup and verification through Cisco Packet Tracer
FPGA design and implementation in Xilinx Tools
Photograph editing and touch ups in Photoshop
Programming in PSPICE to simulate and verify circuit designs and predict outcomes of variable components
Use of Microsoft Word to write detailed and analytical reports on labs and personal projects along with troubleshooting documents for school projects
Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale NY — Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Engineering
August 2015 - Present
Expected graduation: Fall 2019
-Programming C++ -Assembly Language
- Digital Design using VHDL -FPGA Programing in XILINX Tools
-Cisco Packet Tracer software uses -Lab safety protocol
-Network setup and router configuration -UNIX and LINUX based commands
-Amplifier design and implementation -Hardware design, testing, and assembly

Engineer, senior, computer engineer, designer