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Location: Larkspur, CA, USA
School: Golden Gate University School of Law
Field of Study: real estate/development law


I am an LLM student in the Golden Gate University School of Law’s, U.S. Legal Studies with concentration in real estate/development law, which I am graduating in the Spring 2021. By the Spring I will have accomplished 22 units out of 24 units of LLM program, completed classes of Practical Legal Writing, Contracts, Property, Wills and Trusts, Community Property, Remedies, and other related subjects to my concentration. Also, I am enrolled in ABA accredited online U.S. Paralegal Studies’ course in Cerra Coso College where I am taking Legal Writing and Research I and II. I am a part-time student, getting most of the classes in the evenings, so I am available for part-time internship for 2-3 full days a week.
Previously, I worked in Russia as a transaction real property lawyer, specialized in civil law, real estate, and development. Mostly in my 10 years career I worked as an attorney for the real estate and engineering companies. My recent position was an attorney in Russian state-own engineering company that gave me valuable relevant experience in filing and organizing legal documents, drafting contracts and other legal documents, legal research and consulting on a diverse range of real estate transaction. I have experiences in the litigation as well with variety of disputes in the real estate and construction field. As an office employee, I used to deal with the variety of office software, and my technical skills are strong enough to deal with the different office devices. My reputation as an important team member who always gets the job done comes from my demonstrated ability to multi-task. I have a lot of experience of drafting company correspondence, preparing data reports for COO and other management, composing letters, answering the calls, and consulting customers, performing letters, and organizing business meetings.

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