Khalid Ebeido
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Location: Yonkers, NY, USA
School: Touro Graduate school of Business
Field of Study: MBA

Khalid Ebeido


Financial &HR&Staffing Director Profile Passionate and motivated Person Graduated from Business Accounting. Have six years+ experience in Business, Humans Resources, Data Analysis, and Financial Aspects within different Positions and countries. Started my Own Business in my country and here in the united states as well. Influential human resources management leader with a solid background developing and enhancing organizational structures. Keep managers effective and employees satisfied with proactive approaches. Maintain fully compliant and highly efficient benefits, compensation, and employee relations systems. Efficient professional Leader with a self-motivated, dependable nature. Help day-to-day operations. Focused on helping the business achieve short- and long-term goals.


Microsoft Office Suite Computer Skills Business Development &
ADP Software QuickBooks Desktop & Online HR management & Problem-solving techniques
Experienced Game Tester Reporting&Invoicing&Payroll Contract negotiation & Dispute resolution


Financial &HR& Staffing Director
Hands of Hope P.T., P.C, | Astoria, New York

June 2016 - Current
From June 2016 to Dec.2017 Staffing, and HR Director My responsibility was Hiring PT, PT Assistants, PT Aides, and limited Permit to different Health care facilities and for our private clinics.
Responsible for covering all clinics in case of emergency or call outs.
Issuing payroll through the system, make sure all candidate's credentials are accurate and organized each employee has his own profile for efficiency and
Collecting time-sheets and making invoices to the clients for payments also make sure is that time-sheets are typically identified with the clinic hours for 100% full amount payments from the client without deductions.
All HealthCare facilities owner’s communication and issues were solved through strategic steps and decisions

From Dec.2017 to Present the Financial Director Responsibilities were added so my title became FHS Director (Financial &HR & Staffing Director) Hired 5 Employees to work under me as responsibilities grew bigger.
My Financial Part was analyzing and collecting Financial Data for All the departments, to make suggestions in form of reports to the CEO&Owner of the company which will benefit the company in the future and also was analyzing and reporting all financial aspects of the company in order to see our current financial situation and how to expand if needed.
Targeted recruitment strategies effectively based on detailed personnel forecasts. Interpreted and administered single-employee and collective bargaining contracts.
Strengthened employee knowledge and abilities, leading a comprehensive training program for new and established employees.
Tracked daily activities in ADP Workforce and QuickBooks for consistent reporting.
Developed and implemented New Organizational strategies and consistently achieved targets.
• Increased overall Net Revenue by 30% for the Company Departments.

General Manager Assistant
Hands of Hope P.T, P.C | Brooklyn, New York

September 2015 - June 2016

Training Period, which was very useful in learning and knowing how the system works within every and each department from Marketing, Staffing, HR and even Billing for Patients in the company's Private Clinics.
Achieved operational, financial, and customer service targets consistently with well-balanced staff schedules and assignments.
Boosted productivity by removing process bottlenecks and keeping adequate resources for team needs and forecasted customer levels.
Assisted with all administrative needs such as record-keeper, payroll administration, and accounts payable.
CAD And LC Executive Accountant, 3 Concrete Tiles factories General Administration Manager
Al Sarif Group, | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

August 2012 - September 2015

Responsible for All internal and external imports happen within this company department. One year later, I was responsible for the 3 Factories That their Main Goal to Produce Tiles and Concrete with all their kinds to our clients.
Primary responsibility to Make sure everything is on the System and make sure nothing is stolen or Missing in the orders and also to make sure that the quantity was correctly entered to the system and Actually Audited before Delivery. During This Period, I invented My Own Organizational System within the company, and after my manager's approval.
This system increased the profit of the company by approximately 20% and also reduced all the theft and damages to 95% that happened before I was hired and made it easier to detect the mistakes or predict it before it occurs within the system as I'm always motivated to make the work environment as accurate and organized as possible 4- General Auditing on the Car shops and Maintenance that was included in AlSarif Group as this company has a Variety of Specialties within the group.
Developed successful strategic sales plans, balancing company demands, customer knowledge, and competitor expertise to differentiate products and maximize revenue.

Satisfied customers with targeted services, customizing solutions for unique business needs. Helped elevate team revenue by training junior members and advising on sales approaches.
Engaged customers with articulate conversational skills and strategic approach, leveraging company knowledge to build connections and trust as a foundation for productive relationships.
Boosted product exposure at the retail level by working with retail merchants and management to revamp displays.
Managed retail stock levels with expert handling of back-end inventory, keeping optimal levels to meet expected customer needs.

Hardware and Software Department Manager Electro for Computers and Maintenance | Egypt

May 2011 - July 2012

Manager at Electro for Computers and Maintenance, Port Said, I was fixing any kind of software and hardware in computers and any related devices in this field and also selling new Computers to big companies and for Cyber Stores, which was the main profit for this company.
Finally, Responsible for all the storage and workers under my Authority to make sure everything goes as scheduled for every client.
Prevent any stealing or mistakes during delivering and receiving processes.

Staffing Director & Developer
Hands of Hope P.T., P.C | Brooklyn, New York
Interpreted and administered single-employee and collective bargaining contracts.

June 2016 - Current

Brought in top candidates by establishing competitive compensation structures and benefits policies. Trained junior team members and mentored on important procedures.
Developed from A to Z Staffing Entire Working Cycle system to be followed by the Company Staff in order to achieve the Financial and organizational Goals for initiating the staffing department


Master's in Business Administration Touro College, Manhattan, New York

June 2020

I specialized in General Management Which includes knowledge about anything related to Administration (Global Marketing, Capital Human resources, Organizational Ethics, basically all the administrative aspects of a business.

Bachelor's in commerce accounting (English Section) Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

May 2011

In General, I studied Marketing, Management, All types of accounting, Economics. But I specialized in Business Accounting.


References available upon request


English, Arabic Very Good