Kamya McMillan
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Location: Cary, NC, USA
University: NC State
Major: Animal Science

Kamya McMillan

‍‍Kamya McMillan
205 Hampton Lee Ct Apt LK Cary, NC 27513 | xxx-xxx-xxxx | xxx-xxx-xxxx
· I am looking for a position which allows for learning opportunities to enhance and gain new skills.
· Apex, North Carolina
· Graduation: June 13, 2017
· GPA: 3.95
· Raleigh, North Carolina
· Graduation: May 5, 2019
· Current GPA: 3.51
· Three semesters on the Dean’s List
· Associate’s in Science
· Associate’s in Arts
· Business Administration Certificate
· Raleigh, North Carolina
· Expected Graduation: May 2021
· Working towards Bachelor’s in Science
· Animal Science Major
Activities & Leadership
· National Honor Society: Junior & Senior Year of High School
· DECA: High School
· National Art Honor Society: High School
· Volunteering at the SPCA Center: High School to Present
· NC State Veterinary Science Enhancement Camp: June 18, 2018 – June 22, 2018
· Junior Master Gardeners Certification Program: June 2015- August 2015
This experience was a certification class that was taught every other week to children to help them understand the
importance of healthy food, and how to grow and maintain a sustainable garden.
· Railinc Customer Service and Product Support Intern: June 7, 2016- August 26, 2016
For customer service and product support teams, I updated customer information in multiple different railroad
applications. I ran reports for Pre-Imp Metrics, updated the tables, and kept the product map maintained and updated.
· Railinc Administrative Assistant Intern: June 9, 2017- August 15, 2017
For the executive team members, I did general QA on powerpoint presentations and excel spreadsheets. For the chief of
staff: I helped in the mailroom by receiving packages, sorting and delivering mail; and I also helped with receptionist
tasks such as answering the main phone, ordering and setting up catering and welcoming visitors.
· Railinc Internal Audit and Accounting/Legal Intern: May 14, 2018- May 7, 2019
While working for the internal audit team at Railinc I helped prepare the audit work papers for past and future
audits, and I also completed some audits on my own for different railroad applications from start to finish with my
manager's supervision. For the accounting and legal department, I helped compile contract information into an excel
· Microsoft PowerPoint Certified
· Microsoft Word Certified
· Proficient in Microsoft Excel
· SAS Enterprise Guide experience

animal, available