Julio Pinto
Romance Languages, Philosophy of Language, Semiotics, Communication
Location: Carrboro, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
School: PhD UNC-CH
Field of study: Romance Languages, Philosophy of Language, Semiotics, Communication

Julio Pinto

Julio Pinto has a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1985), where he served as Teaching Assistant (1980-1985) of Portuguese and Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Romance Languages (1985-1986). He did postdoctoral work at the Catholic University of Portugal (Lisbon, 1992). He was President of Compos (the Brazilian Association of Graduate Programs in Communication) 2011-2013, and was previously its Vice-President (2009-2013). He authored many books, book chapters, and articles published in Brazilian and foreign journals. In his CV, the most current terms relating to his scientific and cultural activities are: Semiotics, Language, Language Teaching, Communication, Philosophy of Language, Theory of the Image, Cinema and Television, Art, Electronic Media, Interlinguistic (English-Portuguese) and Intersemiotic translation.

Personal information
Full name: Julio Cesar Machado Pinto
Date of birth: November 8, 1946
Place of birth: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Holds American Green Card

Formal Education

1985 - PhD: Romance Languages, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1982 - M.A. , Romance Languages, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1971 - B.A. , Language and Literature, Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil


1992 – Theory of the Image, Catholic University of Portugal

Professional Experience

2013- present: Professor of Semiotics and Language Theory, Una College, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
2003-2017 - Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais – PUC MG

- Professor of Semiotics, Graduate Program in Communication, having been responsible for setting up the program. Courses taught:
o Graduate: Mediatization and Language; Audiovisual Poetics; Semiotic Theory
o Undergraduate: Semiotics and Advertising; The Semiotics of Journalism
o Certificate: Contemporary Scenarios (Strategic Communication)
- Management:
o Vice-President, Permanent Evaluation Committee – 2006-2009
o Chairman, Graduate Program in Communication – 2007-2013
o Chairman, Institutional Development Planning Committee, 2004-2005
- Research:
o Current: 1) The Translatability of the Sensible – audiodescription of audiovisual materials for the visually impaired ; 2) Machine connections: portable electronic devices and sociability (grant from the Minas Gerais State Agency for the Development of Research)
o Previous: The Presentification of Experience – digitality and the perception of temporal relations
- Theses, Dissertations, and Post-doctoral research projects directed and/or supervised: 31 Master’s theses, 3 PhD dissertations, 6 post-doc projects

2001-2003 – Belo Horizonte University – (UNI-BH)

- Professor of Semiotics. Courses taught:
o Undergraduate: Semiotic Theory, the Language of Journalism
o Certificate: Language theory and new communication devices
- Management
o Chairman, Certificate and Non-Degree Courses in Communication

1986 – 2001 – Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte

1991-2001 School of Philosophy and Human Sciences – Department of Communication
- Professor of Semiotics and Audiovisual Media. Courses taught:
o Graduate: Audiovisual Poetics, Cultural Industry, Semiotic Theory
o Undergraduate: Audiovisual Semiotics, Aesthetics and Cultural Industry, Communication Theory
- Management: Chairman, Graduate Program in Social Communication

1986 – 1990 – School of Letters and Linguistics – Department of Germanic Studies
- Professor of Semiotics. Courses taught:
o Graduate: Semiotic Theory, Contemporary American Drama, History of English
o Undergraduate: English for Speakers of Portuguese, 20th. Century American Literature
- Management
o Chairman, Graduate Program in Comparative Literature

1985-1986 – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Department of Romance Languages

- Visiting Lecturer Courses taught:
o Graduate: Semiotic Theory, Brazilian Literature, History of Romance Languages
o Undergraduate: Portuguese Language, Brazilian Culture

1980 – 1985 – Graduate Studies at UNC Chapel Hill

1970 – 1980 - Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais
- Assistant Professor of English. Courses taught:
o Undergraduate: Contemporary American Literature: Poetry, Contemporary American Literature: the Novel

Other academic activities

- Member of the Editorial Committee of several journals in Brazil
- Evaluator for the Brazilian Ministry of Education Undergraduate and Graduate Boards of Accreditation
- Member of the Scientific Board of the International Center for Semiotic and Communication Studies
- Courses taught in Portugal (Porto) at a European Union Erasmus M.A. Program in Communication and Marketing (The Semiotics of Branding)
- Lectures and keynote speeches given at several Universities in Brazil and abroad
- Over 180 Master’s and PhD examination committees at several higher education institutions
- Supervision of 6 post-doctoral research projects
- Director of 36 Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations


- Books:
o The Reading of Time: a semantico-semiotic approach. Berlin, New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1989.
o 1, 2, 3 da Semiotica . Belo Horizonte: UFMG, 1995.
o Estruturalismo: memória e repercussões [Structuralism: memory and repercussions], with Domingues, I., and Mari, H. Rio de Janeiro: Diadorim, 1996.
o O ruído e outras inutilidades [Noise and other useless things]. Belo Horizonte: Autêntica, 2002.
o Interações Midiáticas [Media Interactions], with Serelle, M.. Belo Horizonte: Autêntica, 2006.
o Algumas Semióticas [Some Semiotics], with Casa Nova, Vera. Belo Horizonte: Autêntica, 2009.
o Olhares sobre nossos agoras (Gazing at our present times), Curitiba: CRV, 2017
o Perspectivas Contemporâneas em Audiodescrição (Contemporary Points of View on Audiodescription), Curitiba: CRV, 2018
- Book chapters: 22 in all. Some highlights:
o Mirrors, Mimesis, and the Concept of Translation. In: Retranslating Latin America. London: Zollus Press, 2005.
o A produção de sentido nas organizações: sintaxes sociais. [Production of meaning inside organizations: social syntaxes]. In: Comunicação, Discurso, Organizações [communication, discourse, organizations]. São Paulo: Difusão, 2013.
o The question of the subject in semiosis: Peirce and Lacan. In: Semiotics 1988. New York: University Press of America, 1989.
- Papers in journals: 47 in all. Some highlights:
o Da atualidade do pensamento de Peirce [On the contemporariness of Peirce’s thought]. Significação : Revista de Cultura Audiovisual [A journal on audiovisual culture (University of São Paulo), 42, 2015.
o Can Semiotic be the lingua franca for the epistemological hybrids of contemporary times? American Journal of Semiotics, 25, 2010, 67-73.
o O deficiente visual e a interpretação de imagens [the blind and the interpretation of images], with Mayer, F. Semiosis (University of São Paulo), 1, 2013.
o Time and digital poetics. TripleC (Vienna), v.6, 2008.
o A imagem (i)material [the (im)material image]. Discursos (Coimbra University, Portugal), 1993, 47-63.

- 18 prefaces and forewords
- Participation in Semiotic Conferences in Brazil, Portugal, USA, Ecuador, Argentina