Julianne McCue Resume
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Advertising & Marketing Communications

Julianne McCue Resume

As a bright-eyed student looking to immerse myself in both the creative and business sectors of the fashion industry, I am thrilled to apply for a position that will foster the materialization of my ambitions and allow me to offer my skills to a compelling employer. Years of leadership experiences ranging from managing a virtual style seminar, designing and creating sustainable clothing, and public speaking has groomed me to be a tactful worker with a knack for breaking-boundaries.


- Reference-ability
- Understanding of color and textile
- Advanced fashion illustration
- Innovative design
- Strong sense of business
- Editorial styling
- Skilled in fashion history
- Adaptability
- Keenly developed style
- Historically sound


- Baroque/chiaroscuro (Imperial Russia, Ottoman Empire)
- Exaggerated proportions (Comme des Garçons, Robert Wun, John Galliano for Dior)
-Trend repetition (Nouveau - 1960s prints) (eighteenth-century corsetry - Edwardian S-curve silhouette)
- Androgyny/gender fluidity (Grace Jones, Louis XIV, Marlene Dietrich)
- Twentieth-century costume design (Edith Head, Walter Plunkett)
- Biomimicry (Alexander McQueen, Iris Van Herpen)
- Retro Futurism through film (Barbarella, Metropolis)


Education Stations; Elementary school mentor
- Editorial and commercial styling - Social media marketing
- Skilled in fashion history
- Adaptability
- Keenly developed style

------------; Fashion critic and stylist
- Weekly blog posts covering current fashion industry topics and trends
- over 500 monthly views
- Photography and editing skills
- Striving to capture my personal style through an editorial lens - Trend and market research - consistently bringing high fashion ideas to a marketable platform


Public speaking
- Spoken at numerous schools and hospitals across Massachusetts including Harvard Medical School and Umass Medical
- Groomed me to confidently and dependably speak on important topics backed with relevant statistics

Mass Board of Education Advocacy
- Worked to implement anti-discrimination policies and LGBTQ+ trainings throughout the state
- Engrained the constant need for improvement and modern-thinking in my work style

Melrose High School Student Action Board
- Attended and conducted countless trainings regarding relationship abuse and warning signs
- Allowed me to realize my purpose as an eloquent educator, regardless of my age

LIM College Summer Fashion Lab
- Attended college-level fashion courses for two summers
- Developed knowledge of all aspects of the fashion industry
- Helped me acknowledge my greatest strengths and how to utilize them

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