Jude Washock Resume
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Location: Jersey City, NJ, USA
School: New York Film Academy
Field of Study: Acting For Film

Jude Washock Resume

SAG-AFTRA, IFC Theatre, IFP Made in NY Media Center, Sundance Institute, Golden Key International Honors Society, Phi Alpha Theta, “Gender Warrior” Award Recipient 2017 Lavender Awards.

New York Film Academy 1 Year Acting in Film Conservatory Jan. 2020 – Sep. 2020

State University at Albany Jan. ‘14 – May ‘18
B.A. in Documentary Production and United States History with Honors

Schenectady County Community College Jan. ‘12 – Dec. ‘13
A.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences
Photography twice published in RYTHMS magazine

Writing for TV Boot Camp at IFC February 28 2019
Writing for Comedy (Jon Kern), Writing for Late Night and Variety TV (Kristen Bartlett, Brian McCann), What Agents Want (Beth Blickers), How to Adapt (Patricia Ione Lloyd), Writing for Drama (Alison McDonald).

Master Class: Warren Leight at IFP Made in NY Media Center January 20 2018
The award-winning show-runner of “Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Intent, and In Treatment” discussed and showed how to take advantage of what New York City has to offer as a backdrop and as a character in our own productions. Provided insight into how to write scripts that cater to New York City sets and discussed strategies in order to portray diverse neighborhoods and people living there. This class also included dialogue about running a writer’s room and how to produce television in New York City.

Film Financing Sources Workshop at IFP Made in NY Media Center October 25 2017
Discussed how financing creative projects works and where the money comes from including the importance of tax credits and how their value is maintained. The importance of finalizing sales and clarity of contracts also discussed including loans, production fees, and the importance of being prepared for financial setbacks (Michael Hansen).

Women Behind Series TV: Getting Your Project Green-lit at IFP Made in NY Media Center September 25 2017
Gained insight into the decision-making process in getting a television project produced (Shari Levine, Sarah Condon), how to pitch a project and what the decision makers are looking for (Christina Wayne), as well as how to help maintain a creative career in production (or writing) in television (Tracey Scott Wilson).

IFC, Sundance Institute Member – New York, NY Dec. ’17 – Dec. ‘19
323 6th Avenue New York, NY 10014
Attended film premieres, screenplay readings, Q&As with producers, directors, writers, and performers. Gained more insight on filmmaking and performing by listening attentively. Experience with interviewing increased by observation, observation of panelists, statements made, and insight from audiences. Increased my interests in script writing, performing, and filmmaking.

Independent Filmmakers Project (IFP) Member/Volunteer – Brooklyn, NY Aug. ’17 – Aug. ‘19
30 John Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
Panel discussions, innovator meet-ups, master classes, and private screenings at the Made in NY Media Center increased networking skills by sharing stories and skill set. Introduced documentarians, production investors, and actors to discuss funding propositions for film and TV productions, online resources, theatrical screenings, and broadcasting networks during IFP Film Week.

Documentary Consultant for “Born To Be” – New York, NY Jan. ‘19 – Apr. ‘19
New York, NY 10014
Consulting on the matter of transgender subjects being represented in a documentary on the topic of gender reassignment surgeries lead to a more insightful and educational process in the editing room as well as overall production. Participated in pre-screening and audience based consultation in order to ensure all necessary needs are met in order for a grander audience to experience and learn about a very enigmatic topic respectfully. “Born To Be” premiered at NYFF September 28 2019.

Santa Speedo Sprint 13 – Albany, NY December 2018
Lark Street Albany, NY 12210
Participated in an 800 meter run on Lark Street to raise money for the Albany Damien Center and the HIV/AIDS program at Albany Medical Center.

NYTVF & DOC NYC Volunteer – New York, NY Oct. ’17 – Nov. ‘17
137 W 26th Street New York, NY 1001
323 6th Avenue New York, NY 10014
Ushered producers and guests to the green room and screenings at the Helen Mills Theatre, the Cinépolis, and the IFC Theatre in Manhattan. Closing night party attendee at NYTVF.

Documentary Filmmaker Intern – Albany, NY June ’16 – Dec. ‘16
1400 Washington Avenue Albany, NY 12206
Created a documentary for the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center using SUNY Albany’s archives and by interviewing LGBTQ SUNY Albany Alumni. Digital footage to become a possible donation to the college archives.

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