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Location: Ringwood, NJ, USA
School: Saddleback College
Field of Study: Graphic Communications


About me
I am a seasoned production artist with design and proof-editing chops.
I am a problem-solver and adapt to changing workflows and deadlines.
I have a positive spirit and an unrelenting work ethic.

• Sr. Production Artist | Epsilon, Wakefield, MA
The sole creative asset at this office location for the agency’s non-profit direct-mail division; as such, I was also often recruited by other departments for any creative needs (posters for HR or art for a VP’s Powerpoint presentations, for example). Primary responsibilities:
— Layout, pre-press and versioning of several clients’ mail campaigns
— Proofing and editing assistance
— Create multiple mock-ups for in-house, client and vendors
— Organize and manage all creative assets and campaign archives for each client
— Maintain library of direct mail samples received personally (for trend research)
I also played a pivotal role in the company’s community outreach committee (ECO), organizing charity events and community activities, in addition to providing all promotional materials for the group. I relocated to New Jersey
in 2014 and was retained as a remote associate. (2007–2018)
• Sr. Computer Artist | Mullen Advertising, Wenham, MA
As a member of an agile creative team, I was responsible for the production and versioning of direct mail packages for multiple clients. I maintained the creative assets and campaign archives for each client. In addition, I created mock-ups and storyboards used by business development and account management for presentations. (2005–2007)
• Production Artist/Traffic Coordinator | Epsilon, Wakefield, MA
Layout, production and light design, primarily in the non-profit direct mail arena. In addition to my primary responsibilities, I was recruited to take on the added role of Traffic Coordinator. I ensured all jobs flowing to and from account services, the creative and the production departments, moved in a timely and cost-effective manner, resolving any project flow issues so that projects met tight deadlines. (2003–2004)
• Design/Production/Prepress | QPL The Image Group, Chelmsford, MA
Provided graphic design, layout, production and prepress for small printing company. Responsible for customer file output, utilizing both Mac and PC platforms and a variety of software programs; preflight and file prep for third-party service bureaus as well as in-house output (film and direct-to-plate). (2001–2003)
• Graphic Design/Production | Contractor
Provided graphic design, layout and production for several clients, including an event planning company, a small printing company and a design studio specializing in books for school libraries (K-8 classrooms). The scope of work included production of print advertisements, book layouts, proof-editing, brochures and catalog design,
as well as corporate branding initiatives. (1998 –2001)
• Event Planner/Graphic Designer | Shorecliff Communications Int’l, San Juan Capistrano, CA
I wore many hats for this growing organization, from producing brochures, stationery, conference materials and newsletters, to scheduling of all facets of producing a conference: from ad schedule, marketing campaign and hotel interface (securing location, quoting banquets, coordinating exhibitors, etc.). (1996 –1998)
• Graphic Designer/Traffic Manager | Metagenics, Inc., San Clemente, CA
I began work as a contractor for this vitamin supplement company and brought on-board as a permanent employee after three months. I worked on both design and production of catalogs, ads, brochures, magazines, etc. I also worked closely with Marketing on advertising campaigns, in some instances creating headlines and taglines as well as designing the ad. I went on to work as a Traffic Production Coordinator, acting as liaison between the graphics department and all other departments, in addition to providing editing, proofing and print purchases/scheduling services. (1992 –1996)