Jordan Crumpler
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Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
School: North Carolina State University
Major: Electrical Engineering

Jordan Crumpler

Jordan W. Crumpler
3531 Cum Laude Ct. Apt. 104 Raleigh, NC 27606
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North Carolina State University Bachelor of Electrical Engineering May ‘19
Raleigh, NC

Barton College Bachelor of Mathematics May ‘16
Wilson, NC

Relevant Courses at NC State
Introduction to Signal Processing, Wireless Communication Systems, Communications Engineering, Introduction to Computer Networking, Linear Systems, Analytical Foundations of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

- Microsoft Office Suite - AutoCAD
- “C” - Oscilloscope
- MATLAB - Multimeter
- Python - Function Generator

Relevant Experiences
-Senior Design project where the goal was to create an interactive projection experience through augmented reality
Helped get the actual physical parts of the product set up (3D print objects, tripods for projectors and camera, etc.), doing the bulk of the documentation for the project, as well as, learning and using computer vision.

-Built a RC car that had Wi-Fi capabilities and the ability to move on its own without input from a user. Wrote code in “C” to make the RC car move on its own by detecting a black line through emitters attached to the bottom of the car, as well as, controlling the car by obtaining the IP address emitted by the Wi-Fi module attached to the car.

-Built a simple vending machine circuit using various gates to get the desired outcome.
Created a state machine and figured out which actions would lead to which outcome for the vending machine by using K-maps to map out the outcome. Then created a circuit using various logic gates and the outcome of a certain situation was then emitted by certain LED’s.

-Before NC State, played baseball at Barton College. The time spent at Barton on the baseball team has provided necessary skills in the engineering field.

Work Experience
Food Lion, Raleigh, NC
Frozen Food/Dairy Associate
Duties: Stocked shelves with various frozen foods and ice cream. August 2017-November 2017

Electrical Engineering