Job Seeker for SLP/CFY
Masters in Speech-Language Pathology
Location: Jackson, TN, USA
University: Murray State University
Major: Masters in Speech-Language Pathology

Job Seeker for SLP/CFY

Aspiring speech-language pathologist applying for a CFY position starting May 2019. Familiar with all aspects of screening, evaluation, and treatment for clients with an assortment of conditions. Knowledge base includes voice, swallowing, cognitive-linguistic, speech, fluency, and language disorders. Has obtained strong interpersonal skills, proficiency in patient assessment, time management, and therapy execution. Is committed to delivering quality care as a speech-language pathologist to a wide range of clients and is able to adapt to a variety of settings. Clinical experience includes placements in preschools, an elementary, middle, and high school, a university clinic, a skilled nursing facility, and a hospital.
Education: Murray State University: Masters in Speech-Language Pathology, May 11, 2019
Post-Baccalaureate in Communication Disorders, May 12, 2017
Union University: Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Communication Arts
Cum Laude, May 16, 2015
LSVT LOUD - Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, August 26, 2017
MBSImP – Modified Barium Swallow Profile, April 9, 2018
Murray State University Speech and Hearing Clinic, Murray, KY
Graduate Clinician - June 2017 to June 2018
• Clients: Children from ages 2 to 12 years old
• Therapy for speech and language disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, and other communication delays and disorders
• Participated as a clinician in a camp for children with ASD
• Supervisors: Karen Coulter, PhD, CCC/SLP, ATP; Jill Slayden, MS, CCC-SLP; Megan Smetana, MS, CCC-SLP
Ruby Simpson Child Development Center and Alexander Preschool, Murray KY
Graduate Clinician - August 2017 to December 2017
• Clients: Children from ages 4 to 5 years old
• Therapy for speech and language disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and fluency disorders
• Supervisor: Megan Smetana, MS, CCC-SLP
Spring Creek Healthcare Skilled Nursing and Rehab Facility, Murray, KY
Graduate Clinician - January 2018 to May 2018, then January 2019-March 2019
• Clients: Adults from ages 65 to 102 years old
• Therapy for cognitive-linguistic and memory deficits and swallowing.
• Supervisors: Jasmine Young, MS, CCC-SLP; Megan Smetana, MS, CCC-SLP; Beth McCuiston, MS, CCC-SLP
Calloway County Middle School, Calloway County High School, North Elementary School
Graduate Clinician – October 2018 to December 2018
• Clients: ages 4-18 years old
• Therapy for speech, language, and social aspects of communication, complex communication needs
• Supervisor: Abigale Sykes, MS, CCC-SLP
Baptist Health, Paducah, KY
Graduate Clinician – March 2019 to May 2019
• Clients: All ages; pediatric and adults in an inpatient hospital setting
• Therapy for speech, cognitive-linguistic disorders, dysphagia, and voice
• Supervisor: Ashley McCann, MS, CCC-SLP
Other experience:
The Jackson Clinic (North) in Jackson, TN
Receptionist/Cashier- September 2015 to August 10, 2016
• Signed patients in to see their doctor
• Relayed patient information to doctors and nurses
• Worked with over 100 insurances
• Interacted with patients on a daily basis
• Meticulously followed the laws of HIPAA to keep patient information private

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