Jimmy Sun's Resume
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Location: West Lafayette, IN, USA
School: Purdue University
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Jimmy Sun's Resume

Objective: Seeking Full Time Entry Level Position to develop both technical and interpersonal skills for future projects in the field of mechanical design, research, and or consulting. (I will relocate if needed)

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Fall 2019
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


My final semester at Purdue will include a section of research for HVAC systems on top of senior design and a 3D CAD course using CATIA V5.

Experienced in Load calculations and Basic FEA analysis

Kautex, Detroit (2019 spring and summer) and Shanghai (2018 summer)
• Detroit (Quality Engineering)
o Organized and supported largest product (fuel tank) in the plant regarding testing, auditing, data collecting and more.
 Collaborated with Product Engineering, NPI, Materials, and Production to ensure projects got PPAPed.
o Saved over $10,000 worth of product by dispositioning through suspect product regarding specific process errors.
o Collaborated with manufacturing engineers on creating A3s and 8Ds to determine root cause of failures in a timely manner and later implementing corrective actions to solve current problems.
o Introduced to plastic blow molding and assembly line process and integrated with lab technicians and line members to reduce potential defective product escape.
• Shanghai (Core Engineering)
o Mechatronics Training
 Obtained Module 1 certificate in mechatronics training.
 Continuing mechatronics training at Purdue to learn about sensors, actuators and motors as well as MATLAB programming and quality management.
o Design and Optimization Project
 Investigated and analyzed a current problem in mechanical fasteners such as welding and riveting. Researched potential solution to replace current manufacturing method for a supplier using adhesives as opposed to mechanical welding.
 Assisted in supplier cost reduction regarding materials and manufacturing processes.
o Intercultural Exchange
 Acted as a liaison for incoming guests to learn about how to establish good relations with future potential partners and current partners. Also learned how the Chinese work culture differed from other countries based on guests’ experiences.
Purdue Summer Research (2017 summer)
SURF Research: ECU Testing and Analysis
• Learned how to use LabView code to control psychrometric chambers for varying testing conditions and record data in excel
• Acquired knowledge and skill set to code in Engineering Equation Solver (EES) to create a code for determining various thermodynamic terms. i.e. entropy, heat, and exergy
• Successfully completed a thorough first and second thermodynamic law analysis on the new air conditioner model using EES code
• Completed research paper and public presentation of the project named Enhancing the Performance of a Transportable Environmental Control Unit (ECU) Operated in High-Temperature Climates.
Fluent in both English and Chinese, Conversational Spanish
Microsoft Office, Excel (advanced) and MATLAB (intermediate), CATIA V5,
Engineering Equation Solver (Intermediate)
Leadership Roles:
VP of Education Krannert Toastmasters (2015-2017)
• Organized Meetings and gave feedback to presenter in order to assist in their development as a better speaker
Director of Fundraising in Purdue GEARE (2016-2017)
• Helped the organization raise funds to host cultural seminars for the members before abroad
• Assisted in the board to help students connect with not only each other, but also members in industry

References available upon request

Team Environment Orientated, Active Learner