Jes Baldeweg-Rau
Political Science
Location: Sarasota, FL, USA
School: University of Florida
Major: Political Science

Jes Baldeweg-Rau


Universität Siegen Expected Graduation date: Dec 2019
Master of Arts Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Program: Roads to Democracy
Concentration in History, Political- Science, and Sociology

Universidade de Coimbra Sept 2018 - Aug 2019
Erasmus/Abroad Coimbra, Portugal
Concentration in Political Culture

University of Florida May 2016
Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences Gainesville, FL, U.S.A. Degrees: History and Political Science
Minor: Mass Communications

Employment/Internship History

Oral History Intern, 01/2014 to 05/2015
Samuel Proctor Oral History Program

 Transcribe/document audio recorded interviews with the purpose of
providing a broader perspective on specific events in American history /
 Conduct oral interviews of either individuals or groups, asking the
interviewees several questions regarding their personal history and the
specific topic/project that is being focused on
 Participant of two SPOHP sponsored trips: - Conducted several interviews in Mathews County, Virginia. Interviews
primarily focused on personal background, the influence of folklore, civil
rights issues, and the various economic hardships faced by the community
- Conducted several interviews in Banner Elk, North Carolina on behalf of
both SPOHP and Lees-McRae College. Interviews focused on personal
background, life as a student, Appalachian life and the cultural/social
norms of the region

Education Language Institute Language Assistant, 06/2015 to 05/2016
University of Florida

 Lead a daily language speaking class five days a week for groups of
twenty international students ranging in age and country of origin, using original lesson plans to ensure they pass their English
language curriculum
 Promote cultural acceptance and awareness among the students
through various thought provoking and discussion based activities
with the purpose of gaining a global perspective on cultural
differences  Engage in daily ELI sponsored activities outside of class hours to
assist students further their English speaking skills in a real world
setting while ensuring their personal acclimation into American life

Public Policy/Media Intern, 02/2016 to 06/2016
Equality Florida

 Political advocacy for civil rights and protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender rights residents in the U.S state of Florida
 Work to help pass Senate Bill 120, or the Florida Competitive Workforce Act, in the
state of Florida in order to end workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation
and gender identity
 Work to prevent the amendment of House Bill 43, or the Pastor Protection Act, in the
state of Florida in order to ensure the continued marital justice of all LGBT residents  Conduct and lead several political advocacy phone banking sessions, organizing and
training numerous volunteers and other interns on the phone banking process  Mobilize members in support of policy initiatives at a local and municipal level  Conduct research regarding current and past legislation relevant to LGBT
discrimination, family law, and LGBT elder care
 Canvass to increase voter mobilization and turnout
Assistant Director, 06/2016 to 09/2016
Grassroots Campaigns  Help run street and phone level campaigns on behalf of Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center, Doctor's Without Borders, and World Wildlife Fund, and the Democratic National Committee while mobilizing citizens to be more
actively engaged and involved in politics  Recruitment: Build a team of 15-50 canvassers by recruiting from within the local
community. Interview prospective staff and make hiring decisions  Staff Management: Teach canvassing/fundraising skills. Working with staff in
individual and group settings, with a particular eye towards leadership development
and cultivating a welcoming and motivating atmosphere
 Canvass in the field for five days per week while also training new and experienced
staff in the field and meet personal fundraising requirements of at least two-hundred
dollars per day
 Carefully track income and expenses. Manage the budget for your office. Process staff
payroll. Maintain records for future organizing efforts

Program Aide, 02/2017 to 07/2017
Salvation Army

 Create and conduct nightly character building activities from children from
low-income households with the purpose of addressing various behavioral issues
and instilling self-confidence and positive self-image with each child
 Work individually with every parent to evaluate the emotional and academic
progress of their children
 Tutor children based upon their individual needs  Plan and direct original activities as needed (including Life and Character Building
activities, Crafts, Structured and Unstructured Gym Recreation)  Supervising and instructing volunteers as necessary
 Complete and file reports regarding programs, activities, disciplinary or accident
issues in a timely, neat, and orderly manner.  Keeping records/statistics as requested from coordinator  Assist with set up and clean up of program areas (meals, before and after program
daily).  Drive a 12-passenger van to the designated stops to pick up the students attending
the after school program


 Policy advocacy
 Political/historical
field work  Interview
 Oral History
 Writing/Editing
 Administration
 Project
 Legislative/Historic
al research
 Fundraising
 Lesson planning
 Canvassing

Volunteer/leadership roles

 Alpha Phi Omega: Pledge
Adviser (2013); Historian
(2013); Pledgemaster (2014)  Phi Alpha Theta: Historian
(2014); President (2015-2016)
 Presidential Service Award
(2014; 2015)  International Baccalaureate
Diploma (2012)  RCLA Scholarship (2012)

 Policy advocacy  Political/historical field work  Interview conduction  Oral History  Writing/