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Location: Abuja, Nigeria
School: University of Benin
Major: Electrical and Electronics Engineering


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Work Experience

1. Wonder

Web Research Analyst (Remote) November 2017 – Present
✓ Sourcing, compilation and organization of research data and statistics from the internet.
✓ Analysis, interpretation and presentation of researched data in various forms such as write-ups and essays, spreadsheets, slides and presentations, and graphs/infographics using various tools such as Google office suite, online data repositories and libraries, and databases.
✓ Assisting and collaborating with other research analysts to complete large research projects, and carrying out quality checks while giving and incorporating feedback as necessary.
✓ Completed over 120 different research projects across different industries and topics, such as

2. Rural Electrification Agency (REA)

National Youth Service Corp Member January 2020 – May 2020

✓ Assisting in the internal procurement planning processes of the agency.
✓ Assisting procurement officers in the planning and overseeing of public procurement for the execution of rural electrification projects across Nigeria.

3. Educating Nigerian Girls in New Enterprises (ENGINE)

Volunteer Model September 2019 – March 2020

✓ Engaging in teaching/training, mentorships, and individual discussions with marginalised teenage Nigerian girls to improve their educational, social, and financial outcomes.
✓ Led a group of five models to achieve set program goals in public schools.
✓ Teaching, mentoring and reaching out to over 50 Nigerian teenage girls.
✓ Engaging in and organising awareness campaigns, workshops, and outreaches to improve the living standards and life outcomes of teenage Nigerian girls and reduce marginalisation.

4. Ken. O. Engineering Services

Undergraduate Intern
March 2017 – August 2017

✓ Learnt and practiced the basics of project planning and customer interaction.
✓ Directly contributed to the execution of over 10 electrical projects.


B.Eng. Electrical/Electronic Engineering 2013 – 2018
University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.


Data and information research and analysis, python programming, design thinking, and dialoguing.

Remote web researcher, internet researcher, web analyst, market analyst