Jazmyne Daniels
Exercise Science
Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
School: Temple University
Major: Exercise Science

Jazmyne Daniels

Jazmyne Daniels

Philadelphia, PA


Undergraduate student at Temple University majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition for my Bachelor's Degree. Looking to use my knowledge from both my major and minor classes in a real setting. Interested in Athletic Training but willing to work in all areas to be well-rounded and see what peaks any interest.


Pottsgrove SHS
Grad Year: 2017

Temple University (TU)
Some College, Kinesiology And Exercise Science. Minor In Nutrition Sciences.
Grad Year: 2021


Cashier/Sales Associate
Carter's Oshkosh B'gosh Retail
November 2015 - May 2018

- Greeting all customers who come through the doors.
- Providing assistance to all customers behind the register for purchases and/or returns and assisting on the floor to tell customers about sales and finding the right sizes for clothing or shoes.
- Finding sizes in the stock room or ordering sizes that we do not have in store for customers.
- Working on projects to rearrange the store for new product to be moved onto the floor.
- Sign changes for new sales.
- Inventory to keep track of clothing for the loss prevention program.
- Closing procedures of cleaning up and folding clothes as well as counting down drawers to record profits for the day.

Cashier's Assistant/Cashier
May 2018 - Present

- Helping cashiers and members by loading items from the cart on to the belt and loading them back into the cart.
- Checking out members as the store becomes more crowded and more lines need to be opened.
- Going back into the store to find items or pick up more of an item for members.
- Taking back cold items that members do not want.
- Putting back items after the days audit from member service.
- Greeting members and checking their membership card.
- Checking receipts to make sure members get all of the items they paid for and making sure they did not over pay for items.
- Helping push carts in to keep the vestibule loaded at all times.
- Working in the bakery on holidays to get the maximum amount of dessert from the bakery to the sales floor.
- Cleaning sales floor during the day and after the store is closed.
- Collecting empty boxes from the merchandise on the floor.
- Working to face out products in the freezer section and putting more product into the freezer.
- Helping clothing by folding when no one was in on Friday's or Saturday's.
- Helping check members out at food court.


West-Mont United
January 2009 - January 2012
Limerick, PA, USA

- Played travel soccer for West-Mont United on the C team.
- Worked in the snack bar between games or on off days.

Pottsgrove Soccer Association
January 2012 - January 2014
Pottsgrove, PA, USA

- Played soccer for Pottsgrove Soccer Association for two years.

Pottsgrove SHS
August 2014 - November 2017
Pottsgrove, PA, USA

- Played Varsity and Junior Varsity for the Pottsgrove SHS girl's soccer team.
- Ball girl for Varsity games during freshman and sophomore year of high school.
- Getting equipment onto the buses for away games or on to the playing field for home games.

Pottsgrove SHS
December 2015 - April 2017
Pottsgrove, PA, USA

- Manager for the Pottsgrove SHS girl's basketball team.
- Took record of game scores and personal statistics during the game.
- Giving water and snacks to players before and after game time.

Key Club
Pottsgrove SHS
August 2015 - May 2017
Pottsgrove, PA, USA

- Participated in group activities to work on leadership qualities.
- Worked on problem solving and teaching other students how to keep calm in violent or aggressive situations. This included videotaping of situations that might be presented to the students and how to appropriately manage said situation.
- Helped plan events around the school and make videos to show school pride.
- School drives to help the homeless by giving canned food and getting backpacks and school supplies for children in need.


Perfect Attendance
August 2011

- From Pottsgrove Middle School on to Pottsgrove SHS I had perfect attendance all 7 years and was awarded each year for my attendance record.

Player of the Year
December 2016

- Awarded player of the year for my accomplishments and leadership during the soccer season.

Internship, exercise science, nutrition