Jax van Dijk
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Location: San Diego, CA, USA
School: San Diego Mesa College
Major: GED

Jax van Dijk

Peter van Dijk
29142 Kensington Dr., Laguna Niguel, CA

A well-rounded individual that has many different skills that involve communication and working with other people. My experience in manual labor for the first few years of my life has taught me good work ethic, how to listen, and follow directions. I show the utmost respect for my co-workers, as I want to be treated the same way. My drive to succeed is unparalleled by most, and my passion for the things that I put my mind to is undeniable.

San Diego Mesa College GED
San Diego , CA
I completed a few classes at Mesa before starting work for my dad. I am going to begin taking classes at Mesa again the semester coming up (Fall 2020).
Dana Hills High School GED
Dana Point , California
I was apart of the Associated Student Union (ASU) during my Junior year of high school. I ran track and cross country for my first three years of high school, and was one of my team's leaders for all three years. I had a 3.3 GPA coming out of high school.

Uses time wisely
Works well in groups
Good communicator

Dana Point , CA
I would watch over younger kids that were in my group for Junior Lifeguards. We would do activities on the beach, including races, games, and surfing. It was hard but also a lot of fun. It taught me patience and how to work well with others in a critical time during my young adult life. I gained important skills that I may not have now if I didn't go to Junior Lifeguards and become an assistant.
Thompson Falls , Montana
I was a member of a boarding school called Wood Creek Academy for 11 months. While I was there, I learned good work ethic and respect for those around me. It taught me how to get along well with others, while spending almost every minute of every day with the same group of around 20 kids. I gained many skills while I was there that I feel like many people my age never get the opportunity to take advantage of.

can understand most and speak some Spanish

hard-working, efficient, patient