Jared Christiansen Resume
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Location: Boise, ID, USA
School: University of Idaho
Field of study: Virtual Technology and Design

Jared Christiansen Resume


Lead World Designer

University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
03/04/19 – 5/10/19

Hired by Panhandle Health to create an educational game to teach 2nd - 5th graders about the dangers of lead contamination
Worked with my team to keep the game entertaining, while giving them the necessary information to keep safe, like eating healthy, washing hands, and staying on designated paths.
Designed an RPG type of game inside Minecraft with quests and a custom HUD interface to help the children understand and enjoy the nuances of the game.

Paradise Cafe, Moscow, Idaho
01/5/18 – 5/22/19

Collaborated with my team members to create an exemplary dining experience for each guest.
Trained new employees on the correct procedure for various tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and customer service.
Worked 20-30 hours a week simultaneously as a full-time student.


Microsoft Office Specialist Office Excel
Microsoft Office Specialist Office Word
Microsoft Office Specialist Office Access
Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau Certificate of Training


Bachelor of Science, Virtual Technology and Design
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID


Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
3DS Max
Adobe Photoshop
Unreal Engine 4