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Location: Montclair, NJ, USA
School: State University of New York at Oswego
Major: Broadcasting/Mass Communications


State University of New York at Oswego, Oswego, NY 05/2019
Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and Mass Communication
Minor in Sustainability Studies

Work Experience
Matthew G. Carter Apartments, Office Assistant, Montclair, NJ 07/2018-01/2019
• Assisted management with filing tenants’ documents to ensure that files are easily accessible.
• Created spreadsheets for superintendents of the apartment complex to track inventory.
• Assisted superintendents with small tasks, such as monitoring heating systems and property inspections.

Work Study at SUNY Oswego (Campus Life Dept.), Assistant, Oswego, NY 09/2015-04/2019
• Assisted with stocking inventory and event planning to help organize upcoming events on campus.
• Proofread and edit letters for department employees to send to their recipients.
• Processed incoming and outgoing mail for the departmental office building to ensure consistency in the mailroom.

American Dream Entertainment-Retail Center, Guest Service Representative, East Rutherford, NJ 10/2019-Present
• Assists guests by navigating them throughout the “entertainment-retail center”.
• Answer guests phone calls pertaining to the entertainment-retail center.
• Communicate with guests using “Intercom” software ensuring guests’ needs are being met.
• Provides guests with utmost satisfaction by receiving feedback from them on how the company can meet their needs.

Related Experience
International Studies in Ecuador-Sustainability 300 Course, Student, Quito, Ecuador 05/2018
• Studied environmental, economic, and political sustainability in Ecuador to gain understanding about the culture.
• Traversed through the capital to learn about the push and pull factors of its urban sprawl.
• Traveled to a rural community and gained knowledge about the lack of resources in remote communities and their attempts to promote eco-tourism for revenue.
• Learned new vocabulary of the Spanish language.
• Conducted research on the effects of climate change and its impacts on Ecuador’s agriculture.

Oswegonian Newspaper at SUNY Oswego, Staff Writer, Oswego, NY 09/2017-04/2018
• Wrote news stories around the campus community for the upcoming week.
• Communicated with newspaper editors to review the stories in order to be published.
• Learned new skillsets such as communicating with external sources and creating headlines.

WTOP-10 SUNY Oswego Television News Station, Meteorologist, Oswego, NY 09/2018-12/2018
• Compiled and edit weather graphics being used in the weather forecast.
• Delivered live weather forecast at 9p.m. on certain weeknights for the Oswego, New York region.
• Provided weather updates on Twitter for people to keep track of the weather on-the-go.
• Wrote local weather for the Oswegonian Newspaper.

Volunteer Experience
Mentor-Scholar at SUNY Oswego, Team Leader, Oswego, NY 09/2015-05/2018
• Transported mentors to and from the mentoring site, using the school vehicle.
• Created and facilitated ice-breaker and team-building activities.
• Empowered mentors and mentees to help motivate them to plan their future beyond middle school.
• Received two course credits per semester.

Oswego Circle K International, President, Oswego, NY 01/2017-05/2019
• Supervised the club and made sure that everyone is performing their duties.
• Made sure that members were contributing volunteer hours and helped recruit new volunteers.
• Communicated with other club officers locally and in the New York District.
• Communicated with the Kiwanis family to assist with volunteering, and also engaged in fundraising.

Phone Etiquette, Microsoft Office, guest services