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Location: Houston, TX, United States
School: San Jacinto Community College
Major: Information Systems


James David Waldman
I’m an ambitious worker who is looking for a challenge. If you are looking for someone who is trustworthy, always on time, and willing to stay longer hours to get the job done. I just might be the perfect candidate for your team.

San Jacinto Community College, Pasadena, TX
Associates Degree: Some of the courses I have completed include Calculus, intro to accounting, psychology, philosophy, and many more. I have completed five computer classes. In my intro to pc operating systems class I learned about many topics ranging from the control panel, viruses, networking, and more. In my integrated software applications I gained knowledge of Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. When I took my fundamentals of networking class I attained knowledge of switches, hubs, routers, network interface cards, cables, and much more. I have also taken computer hardware class where I learned about the motherboard, the power supply, the processer, and more. I have taken a fundamental of programing class where I learned about the basics of programming which include the complier, looping, pseudocode and flowcharts and much more.
Galena Park High School, Galena Park, TX

Work Experience:

Kroger 03/2009 – 06/2016
Floor Supervisor:
• Keep the Registers looking clean by picking up trash, cleaning the registers, and putting back merchandise on the shelf.
• Plan out appropriate times to give employers there breaks.
• Make sure there is always at least one sacker outside pushing baskets.
• Guide customers to registers that are not busy.
• Keep lines short by going on the intercom and calling for help if lines back up.
• Troubleshoot any problems customers or checkers need help with.
• Whenever it is not busy sort out go backs and get a sacker or a group of sackers to put the go backs back on the shelf.
• Audit the registers
• Self-Checkout:
• Help customers use the self-checkout and troubleshoot any problems they have.
• Write rain checks
• Answer phone calls
• Check customers out with excellent customer service by helping customers with any questions they may have on any product.
• Learn all the produce codes.
• Check customers out fast and accurate so you can be on top of the ring tender board.
• Check coupons carefully to make sure they match the products so the stores don’t lose money.
• Sacker:
• Sack groceries.
• Put groceries back on the shelf.
• Push baskets inside no matter if it is hot, cold, or rainy and make sure all baskets are inside if you close.
• Cut ham for customers.
• Serve customers food.
• Write happy birthday on customer’s cakes.
• Clean floors and cooking ware.
• Put cookies in the oven and take them out to package them.
• Mark down food at the end of the day.
• Take out trash.
• Receive calls from customers to place orders.
• Clean restrooms.
• Take out the trash.
• Mop and sweep the floors.
• Make a bail if the bail if full of boxes.
• Keep shelves full of produce.
• Help customers with product selections and questions they may have.
• Mark down produce.
• Take out any damaged or expired produce.
FedEx 10/2015 – Present
Package handler:
• Unload the freights from the truck.
• Unload around 13 to 15 packages from the freight a minute.
• Send the Hou packages to the bottom conveyer belt and the Exel packages on the top conveyer belt.
• Shrink wrap packages on a pallet.
• Reruns
• Tape up any damaged packages.

James Waldman Resume