Jakub Pawlak
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Location: Lindenhurst, NY, USA
School: Stony Brook University
Field of Study: Biochemistry

Jakub Pawlak

Graduated Biochemistry Student with an understanding of basic cell biology and biochemistry. Lab experience from multiple courses during my time at Stony Brook University.


Customer Service
Customer Relations
Laboratory Skills
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint

* Service Assistant at Proactive Brokerage Inc., West Babylon

Sold and serviced a wide range of insurance policies, ranging from personal insurance such as home, auto, umbrella, and dwelling fire policies. Also sold and serviced commercial policies such as general liability, workers compensation, and commercial auto.
Regularly talked with clients on the phone regarding their insurance. Conversations ranged from explaining coverage, selling new policies, and taking claim information.
Frequent conversations with insurance companies, going over specific coverage details, requesting documents, and requesting changes to currently existing policies.
Communication with other workers to verify and relay necessary information to the correct people.
Rapid familiarization with specific insurance company websites, underwriting guidelines, and state level specificity regarding insurance policies.
A large amount of attention to detail in verifying coverage levels are correct, and that proper documents have been sent out to the customer and retrieved.
Planning of work to be completed later, as frequently customers would take their time deciding on a policy and sending out proper documentation, which results in having to keep track of who to contact on what dates.

* August 2017 – May 2020
State University of New York at Stony Brook, B.S. Biochemistry

3.01 GPA