Jacob Patterson
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Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
School: Pima CC
Major: Design and Drafting

Jacob Patterson

Jacob Patterson 2844 W Greenstreak Drive Tucson, Arizona 85741 ------------ Cell: ------------

To obtain a position in drafting and/or design and to continue in personal and professional growth where my positive attitude, integrity, work ethic, and strong desire to succeed will contribute to the company’s success.

May 2014 Associate of Liberal Arts, Pima Community College
June 2016 Associate of Advanced Computer Aided Drafting/Design, Concentration in Mechanical

• Three years on-the-job experience, including: analyzing/design/drafting, hand sketches, blueprint reading, standard usage of orthographic projection, section views, assembly views, isometric views. Experienced in developing weldments, loft/sweep extrusion, sheet metal work with edge/flange/bend, geometric tolerance and dimensioning, reverse engineering, top down assemblies, computer file organizational, and drawing modification.

• Extensive SOLIDWORKS usage and training of staff.
• Familiar with AutoCAD
• Experienced with Sketchup
• Experienced with Rhino
• Experience with large CAD assembly projects
• Well-versed in 3D modeling
• Proficient at Photoshop
• Familiar with web hosting procedures and basic web editing/design
• Proficient in multitasking
• Strong computer skills
• Good attention to detail
• Well-versed in Microsoft Office
• Excellent in customer service and field installations
• Experienced with Welding: Mig, Tig, and Arc
• Moderate electronics assembly and repair
• Forklift experience
• Fabrication and assembly experience
• 3D printing experience


Sept 2018 – Aug 2020
Creative Machines, Inc.
• Designed one-of-a-kind museum exhibits and custom public art that met the required ADA standards using SOLIDWORKS and Rhino 5 & 6 CAD programs
• Materials selection for projects based on client requirements
• Collaborated with a multi-disciplined team to design from concept through fabrication the projects that met or exceeded client’s requirements
• Calculated weights and dimensions for shipping needs
• Designed and built jigs to aid fabrication
• Prepared drawings for fabrication
• Prepared DXF files for router and water-jet cuts
• Supplied drawings for structural installation approval
• Fabricated prototypes and products
• Traveled for site installations to oversee/assist with installation of products
• Helped fellow designers with design or CAD challenges

March 2017 – Sept 2018 Designer
Cantera Custom Creations

• Designed custom architectural stone features (fireplaces, fountains, benches, sculptures, etc.) from Cantera stone using SOLIDWORKS and Sketchup software
• Prepared drawings for Cantera quarry workers in Mexico
• Acted as Webmaster for business website
• General office management (ordered supplies, organized workspaces and offices)
• Provided excellent customer service for walk-in clients; one-on-one basis for unique and custom projects
• Delivered and installed finished products at residential and commercial locations

April 2016 – Oct 2019
Contracted Designer
Town of Marana, Arizona and Elk Grove, California

• Dimensioned individual pieces for custom low-poly faceted steel or stainless sculptures (9 total) with the number of individual pieces ranging from 500 to 1,800 per sculpture using SOLIDWORKS and Rhino software
• Supplied models/assemblies with call-outs for correct piece and placement for fabrication
• Made modifications to 3D model per client requests
• Nested all facets and made all cut files to minimize waste material
• Supplied drawings for structural installation approval

Soldworks, CAD, Rhino, Sketchup