Jaamal Rose Resume
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Location: San Jose, CA, USA
School: Fresno state
Field of Study: Criminal Justice

Jaamal Rose Resume

​​​​​ Jaamal Rose
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​​​​​ 150 Palm Valley Blvd
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I am a passionate and motivated individual who is seeking to pursue church ministry full time. Until said opportunity occurs I will be pursuing other avenues of work that will allow me to supplement my income and keep me focused toward my desired goal. I thrive in hard working and purpose filled environments that exude excitement and joy over what is being done and accomplished because of the work that is put in by everyone involved.

Chapel Speaker at Valley Christian High school January 15th 2020
During this speaking engagement I spoke to a crowd of 1,700 High School students. I was able to confidently communicate a message regarding respect, and how it shapes us as individuals. Speaking in-front of a crowd that size with confidence shows my ability to lead as well as influence a group in a positive and impactful way. In total within the past two years I’ve been honored to speak and bring forth the word of God in a ministry capacity six different times.

Family Community Church ​​​​​ 2017 - 2019
-Interned under pastor Chase Wiggins for the development of team building, event coordinating and leadership skills. I also traveled with pastor Chases to his various speaking engagements and got to see first hand the in’s and out’s out ministry work on the day to day bases.
-I was later promoted to the Lead security of the young adults ministry called Encounter. Which made me responsible to now lead leaders but also each week come to meetings prepared for up coming events and services that made sure all pastors and staff members felt safe and secure including making accommodations for visiting guest speakers.
-In my time at FCC I went to a total of four different ministry retreats two of which were with the young adults ministry called Encounter and the other two as a chaperone for the youth ministry called movement youth.

Work Experience
Valley Christian High School​​​​​​ 2017 & 2019 season
Frosh / Junior Varsity Football Coach ​​​
My daily tasks included relationship building among the team members, developing a strategic game plan in order to achieve our desired goal at the end of each week. This coaching position instilled strong effective problem solving skills as I had to find new and attractive ways to keep this up and coming generations attention. I would often pick out the natural born leaders and take them to the side as a group and encourage them to use their influence on the team for good. If they worked hard the rest of the team would fall in line. Coaching these young kids helped me to realize that I am passionate about developing leadership skills.

Fulfillment Associate
Amazon Cupertino, Ca​​​​​​​​ March 2020-Current
-Responsible for the processing of orders and shipments according to company policies and procedures.
-Following company packing/shipping standards ensuring all customers receive merchandise in excellent condition.
-Assume multiple positions when packaging stations become to compact for the CDC social distancing guidelines and manage the traffic of incoming fulfillment associates along with amazon drivers who are waiting to pick up those orders.
-Processing and fixing issues that arise with in customer orders such as missing items and providing desirable replacement options as well as various weight issues depending on the product size and many more using the computer programs provided by Amazon.

Delivery driver
DoorDash​​​​​​​​​March 2020-Current
-Manage time effectively to make deliveries on time, maintaining high customer satisfaction and building brand reputation.
-Follow CDC guidelines to ensure customer safety during delivery.
-Operate motor vehicles in safe manner following traffic laws.
-Leveraged GPS system and navigation app to determine and follow the most efficient routes.
-Accommodate service interruptions that happen during delivery so that customers receive their order on time.

California State University of Fresno- (Incomplete) BA of Science Major Criminal Justice

San Francisco 49ers Santa Clara, CA​​​​​​ April 2016
After my time spent playing football for the Fresno State Bulldogs in 2011-2015 I was invited to participate in the San Francisco 49ers NFL Pro-Day I was chosen amongst a select group of college athletes to show off my skill set in front the current coaching staff at the time.

Volunteer Experience
Valley Christian - Camp for Stars San Jose, CA​​​​ 2011 - 2017
Camp Counselor ​​
-I participated in a camp for autistic children every summer in my free time while I was back home visiting from college.

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