Isaac Dagley
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Location: Clinton, NY, USA
School: Hamilton College
Field of study: Philliosophy & Public Policy

Isaac Dagley

Isaac Dagley
------------ 198 College Hill Rd
------------ Hudson, New York 13323

Hamilton College, Bachelor’s in Arts, Clinton, NY, July 2018,
Intended Major: Cinema Studies and Philosophy, GPA: 3.12
Burleson High School, Burleson, TX, August 2014, GPA: 3.5

Work Experience:
Bus Boy & Host, Spring Creek Barbecue, Burleson TX
● Served, cleaned, and stocked duties in establishments, such as cafeterias or dining rooms, to facilitate customer service.
● Wiped tables or seats with dampened cloths or replace dirty tablecloths.
● Set tables with clean linens, condiments, or other supplies.
● Scraped and stacked dirty dishes and other tableware to kitchens for cleaning.
● Cleaned up spilled food or drink or broken dishes and remove empty bottles and trash.
● Maintained adequate supplies.

Digital Media Tutor, Library & IT Services, Clinton NY
• Provided user support for patrons working in the Research and Design Studio or DAL
• Checked out equipment as well as answered questions and solved problems concerning equipment.
• Responsible for making sure the labs are clean and functional and that all equipment and supplies are correctly checked in and organized.

Additional Experience:
E-board for Hamilton College’s Culture Magazine
The Brother organization
Volunteer for Rome Clean and Green, June 2018
● Helped lay down patio for educational use
Volunteer for the Community Clean up Team in Weatherford TX 2016
● Helped clean and repair damage for multiple houses after tornado and lead sources to the local food and clothing drive

Real-estate, Development, Architecture, Education, Public Policy, and Social Entrepreneurship.