Iris Novalise Nicole Owens
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Location: Oceanside, CA, USA
School: Brazosport
Field of Study: Social media marketing

Iris Novalise Nicole Owens

I’m Iris Owens! I’m 18 years old with a lot experience in the work field. I started out at 16 working for a local restaurant. During the summers I would nanny my aunts two little boys while she couldn’t afford daycare. I cleaned, prep dinners, took the kids out on the town for activities, played and played with them. Watching those boys brought joy to me and I hated leaving them. Once I turned 18 I had my eye on working at a boutique in town but I never got the job because of my age, once I turned 18 I was determined to get that job. Success came along and I worked for that boutique until I had the opportunity to move to California. I love new chapters in life. I just took the journey from moving out of Texas to California. I have good communication skills, I’m experienced

Good communication, skilled, warm, creative