Interior Designer
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Location: Yorba Linda, CA, USA
School: Northern Arizona University
Major: Interior Design

Interior Designer

I am a recent graduate of Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in Interior Design and a minor in Business.

Below is my Resume.

McKenzie Kuyper
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Strong interpersonal, creative, and problem-solving skills
Excellent ability to work in a collaborative environment
Proficient in Microsoft Office, Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Illustrator, and Photoshop


Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design; Minor in Business Graduated: 5/2019
3.9 GPA, Magna Cum Laude
Dean’s List-- Fall 2015-2018
Related Courses
ID 121 Graphics, ID 123 Visualization, ID 224 Architectural Rendering, ID 230 AutoCAD 1—2D, ID 246 History of Int. Arch. and Furniture I, ID 240 Textiles, ID 247 History of Int. Arch. and Furniture II, ID 221 Des. Methodologies, ID 325 Architectural Int. Systems, ID 326W Int. Codes and Regulations, ID 361 Int. Des. I, ID 322 Int. Des. Materials and Procedures, ID 362 Int. Des. II, ID 421 Int. Lighting & Acoustics, ID 425 Professional Practices and Procedures, ID 461 Int. Des. III, ID 330 AutoCAD II, ID 462 Int. Des. IV, ID 490C Senior Project, ARH 143 Intro to the Arts of Asia, ARH 142 Western Art since 1400


Actor’s Youth Theatre—Set Designer 5/2018- 7/2018
Read script, sketched sets for over 25 scenes, researched, budgeted for all set materials and stayed in budget, collaborated closely with the director, attended production meetings
Bought set construction/painting materials, delegated tasks to over 20 people, painted, designed sets for each scene, helped with/built 10 set pieces, set up set on location, and tore down set on closing night
“Mandatory Viewing” Talk Show Episode—Production Designer 3/2018-4/2018
Produced preliminary sketches of show set, designed the set, built a talk show desk, and dressed the set
Budgeted and ordered props and set dressing items
UTV Film Studios—Production Designer 8/2017-Present
Managed an Art Director, two Hair/Make-up Artists, and four Art PAs in pre-production and production of a two short films
Created mood boards and color schemes, budgeted, researched the time period, purchased props, rented costumes, and dressed the sets/costumes
Cut my initial budget of nearly $2,000 in half after significant rental research and thrift shop finds
Wish Man (Film)—Intern Production Assistant 10/2017
Locked down the set, cleaned the set, and ran errands
UTV Film Studios—Art Production Assistant 1/2017-5/2017
Assisted in dressing the sets, cleaning the sets, and researching props and images


AJ’s Fine Foods—Bakery Clerk 6/2018-8/2019
Prepared customers’ drinks and pastries, washed dishes, swept bakery floor, took orders; worked over breaks
NAU Criminology and Criminal Justice Department—Desk Assistant 9/2018-5/2019
Produced copies for professors, answered the phone, stocked office supplies, and answered emails
Pier 1—Sales Associate 12/2015-4/2016; 10/2016- 4/2017
Advised customers on design choices, unloaded merchandise from shipments, and conducted mark-downs

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