Illustrator / Designer
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: California College of the Arts
Major: Graphic Design

Illustrator / Designer

Having a broad range of work experience I am at ease in high-stress deadline
related scenarios. I am comfortable with production and creative work and
have a strong background in both digital and hand produced design and illustration.


-Freelance Art Production, Design & Illustration
I have, and continue to work with various clients on projects that include design,
illustration and art production.

-Thicket Labs
Thicket Labs is an online data analytics and problem solving startup. I was brought in to help clarify Thicket’s overall message. My responsibilities included brand positioning, strategy, communications and marketing. At Thicket we worked with several high profile clients, including Google and YouTube.

-New York City Ballet @ Lincoln Center
Worked on the production and layout of the New York City Ballet’s 2016 schedule and program. I handled layout via InDesign, and was responsible for the bulk of pre-press oversight and file management.

-Fox Searchlight Pictures
Assisted post production staff using Adobe After Effects to rotoscope and stabilize
several feature length films.

-Straight up Films
Worked both in office and on set producing vector and raster based design
and production.

-Christopher Coppola Productions
Worked on numerous design projects. Many projects included collaborations with well known clients including Wal-Mart, Oprah Winfrey Network and Adobe. Typical
projects required creating Media Decks, brand Identity, logo design and
vector illustrations.

-Transworld Magazine - ENJOI Skateboards
Collaborated with Transworld Magazine and Enjoi Skateboards producing a pilot for
FUEL television. The project included conceptualizing, story boarding and branding.

Illustration, Design,