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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: School of Visual Arts
Major: Illustration


Dear Mr. Williamson , 
I'm an Italian illustration major student at the School of Visual Artist based in New York. I was asking my teacher  Teresa Fasolino and my chairman Thomas Woodruff who to ask for professional illustration internship, and they both gave me your name. We also have studied your work in class, which is already an honor just to be able to reach you. 
You will find here attached my CV. 
Here is also my last achievement, the exhibition at the School of Visual Arts Chelsea Gallery: 

I will be glad to be in touch with you for any special projects, temporary assignments, internships, projects, etc.
It is a Junior year final semester exhibit of works selected by the chairman of the Department.

Please write to me at: ------------
So that I can send you my portfolio and visual CV
Thank you in advance for your attention,
Best Regards,

Simone Riccardi 

Illustration Illustrator