Ian Thompson's resume
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Location: Everett, WA, USA
School: Everett Community College
Major: Undecided

Ian Thompson's resume


• Good with people; Very sociable and easy to talk to
• Can type 50 words per minute, at 230 characters per minute
• Very good at math
• Can use Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint
• 7 Years of Digital Art experience (Since 2012)

Work Experience:

I’ve been volunteering in the San Diego Comic Con Films department for 4 years now and return to do so every year in late July.
I’ve worked multiple temp jobs with LaborMax in Everett including:

• Dishwashing
• Food service (Taking orders, waiting tables, etc.)
• Running games at a carnival

About Me:

I’m dedicated to my work. When I take something on, I do my best to see it through and make sure it gets done to the best of my ability. I enjoy interacting with people and would work well in a position that involves customer service, but I’m also able to work on my own if needed.

I don’t have a lot of job experience, but I’m adaptable and good under pressure. I can keep up with most situations that may arise in a workplace and will do my best to succeed at my job.