high profile lifestyle manager
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Location: Greenwich, CT, USA
School: Southern CT
Major: Sports Medicine/Lifestyle Mangement

high profile lifestyle manager

High Profile Lifestyle Manager/Health Coach

P o box 1151
Greenwich CT 06836

High profile Greenwich CT Celebrity Personal trainer/Lifestyle assistant looking for an individual or family in the NY/CT area. I have been a long time resident of Greenwich and have earned the respect of my peers and colleagues as an “industry leader”. I work with a Celebrity, High Profile, Wall St clientele that needs my 25 plus years experience in weight training, weight management, nutrition and lifestyle management. I work 7 days a week and can/have been hired for exclusivity or extreme cases, working with Celebrity needing quick results, models returning from pregnancy, people who struggle with behavior issues that are not productive. I provide reliability, flexibility, privacy and results.

I firmly believe in providing more service than you pay for and always go out of my way to provide great customer service…maybe that’s why I have many of my clientele over 20 years and some over 30 years. Reliability, leadership, communication skills, organization and dedication to my field of expertise… below please find small sample of work accomplishments

Featured consultant in Samuel Britton's book "58 and Never Too Late"
Profiled in Westchester Magazine's "Luxury" issue June 2016
Appearances on NBC show EXTRA with Celebrity clientele
Has a contract with several NY modeling agencies to help talent get back in shape after pregnancy or injury
Interviewed by the NY Times
Often interviewed by the Associated Press regarding industry trends etc
Expertise in several areas of health and fitness
Strength training
Weight management specialist
Lifestyle manager

Trainer to reality stars from Millionaire Matchmaker, Biggest Loser
T V personalities, news anchor people

Has a following from Florida to Newport Rhode Island
Talent agencies from California to NY have requested my expertise in helping talent with behavior issues, stress/time management, goal setting, personal/professional organization, self image and more

From Hedge fund managers, corporate fitness consulting, to Mick Jagger's ex Brazilian GF Luciana Morad no assignment to large

Physical Education
Certified Exercise Physiologist with advanced credentials ACSM
Graduate Study in Sports Medicine/Sports Nutrition
Certified Weight Management Specialist

Lifestyle Management Specialist, personal/professional organization, goal setting, time/stress management, behavior modification, or self image. I also provide in home assistance for house management and various personal assistant duties. My time has been utilized by my “elite” clientele who require privacy, as a Escort, chaperone, some driving, male presence or security for single mom, basic cooking, general errands, presence at party, clean up, can be hired as chaperone, expertise for those who struggle with weight management, compulsive behavior and behavior modification expertise.

Many High End Domestic sites use my expertise for their clientele.

Past assignments have been Escorting High profile to Country club function, Wedding or dinner date

Working with single parent, providing male presence for teen party or house function. I have been a mentor/supervisor for young adults or teens needing a set of adult eyes and/or structure.

Work with individuals needing unconventional hours either for exercise, Security for late night arrival home or in Public for lunch/dinner

House management as right hand man for employer, errands, dealing with vendors/contractors, car maintenance, mentoring, providing direction/management for house staff, emails, adult presence etc

Other numerous duties that fit my skill set/expertise, NY representation with MMG talent agency, mature model/actor

No nursing duties, senior care, no travel, no mornings

Celebrity Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Weight loss