Hannah Priest CV
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Location: Plymouth, UK
School: Cardiff University
Major: Journalism

Hannah Priest CV

Work Experience
In Denmark I have joined the student television channel, we are expected to create a variety of
short news/ entertaining clips for the channel every couple of weeks. Each piece gets aired on a
professional television channel. By participating in Coming Up, I have learnt important skills
including; editing, camera work, lighting, video sound and reporting.
Coming Up
Student Television Channel
The Times.
Throughout my first year at Cardiff University I became the student brand ambassador for the
national newspaper The Times. My overall role as the student brand ambassador was to
increase the readership of The Times with young people and to interview and question
students in order to find out what issues mattered most to them and how they would like to
them to be represented in the news. As a student ambassador I was able to increase my
confidence in public speaking, as well as, the ability to manage information in order to assist in
the company’s wider research. In addition, by working in a fast-paced environment, I was able
to learn how to work effectively with my co-workers.
Gair Rhydd
I also have experience in writing for my university student newspaper, specifically in both
science and politics. This has enabled me to work to tight deadlines, conduct quick but
thorough research, and how to self-edit my work before publication.
Freelance Writing
To gain further experience across different media platforms, I successfully applied to work
with Loughborough University providing written articles for a developmental fitness app. The
role helped to improve my research and editorial skills and allowed me to gain further
exposure of writing to strict deadlines. I was paid for each of my submitted 500-word articles
that were approved by the editing team. Moreover, due to the fact this role was predominately
independent, I have been able to increase my ability to quickly form my own opinions and
write on my own initiative in order to achieve my goals.
I finished first year with a first overall.
I have studied modules such as: Advertising communications,
Political PR, Media and Democracy, Research Methods,
Media, Power and Society.
Danish School of Media and Journalism- 2019
I am currently completing my fourth semester abroad in Denmark.
I have enrolled on the TV Video module. Throughout this module I
will create 5 short videos in the form of documentaries, covering a
variety of topics. I have learnt how to:
use editing software
How to set up good lighting on a shoot
reporting skills, interviewing techniques
how to make info-graphics
how to work with a range of nationalities.
Cardiff University - 2017-2020
BA Hons- Journalism, Media and Culture
Plymstock School
A-Level Results (2015-2017)
English Literature- A
Business Studies- A
Media Studies- B
GCSE Results
3 As, 7 Bs, 1 C

travel, documentary, broadcasting, freelance, writing