Hannady Halaby
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Location: Orlando, FL, USA
School: University of Central Florida
Major: Environmental Studies and Statistics

Hannady Halaby

Goals and Objectives:
Seeking a challenging environment to apply and expand my data and analytical skills by participating in business problem solving.

Past Experience:
Jun 2017- Aug 2017: Quality Assurance Intern at Fairfax Imaging, Tampa, FL
Tested International Banking Websites for Fairfax Imaging
Sep 2016- May 2017: Volunteer UCF Environment Public Relations Chair
Planning and executing educational, environmental awareness, and public outreach events for University of Central Florida
Mar 2016- May 2016:Junior Achievement; Lake Mary Elementary School, Lake Mary, FL
Taught kindergarteners basic life lessons

Notable Projects:
Spring 2019:
Discovered relationships between Human Happiness and Environmental Quality.
• Applied a data science approach to curate relevant datasets, determine
correlations, socialized preliminary findings, refine data, and draw
• Utilized a Python environment to load and shape data, perform regressions,
and plot outcomes.
• Presented results in PowerPoint.

Fall 2019:
Collected data from the UCF conservation site and drew conclusions using data analysis in Excel
• Using the transect method, gathered data over the course of two weeks in
the conservation area
• Tested a hypothesis and determined whether to accept or reject it
• Used Excel to find relationships between foliage growth and burned areas,
created visuals using bar graphs

Core Classes Taken:
GIS & The Environment 1 & 2
Conservation Biology
Environmental Politics & Economics
Sociology and the Environment
Statistics and Survey Methods

Conversational Arabic

MS Office- Excel, PowerPoint proficiency
Python (coding for statistics)

statistics, coding, python, pivot tables, pandas, numpy, sklearn, SAS, Excel, Word, PowerPoint