Guitar Instructor
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Location: Vashon, WA, USA
School: University of Redlands
Field of study: Guitar and Creative Writing

Guitar Instructor

30 Yrs. Old


Time: 20 Years

Performance: Original Rock Group, Solo, Jazz Ensemble, Original Folk Group

Style: Blues, Rock, Acoustic, Folk, Jazz, Funk, World

University of Redlands, B.A. Exploring New Sound: Finding the Individual Voice in the Craft of Song
Study abroad Ghana, West Africa for Kpanlogo, Djembe, and other drum studies
Private instruction in Guitar and Drum Set
Online study of Audio Engineering Logic Pro X

Other instrument skills: Drum set, vocals, percussion, piano, Logic Pro X recording software production

Artist: Mowgli Brougham – Album: Cosmic Obligation -7 Tracks- University of Redlands Facilities
Artist: Yellowfish – Album: Yellowfish – 5 Tracks – Johnny Liu Studio – Pasadena, CA
Artist: Moonroof – Album: Tro-Tro to Tamale – 12 Tracks – Hot Pie Studios – Pasadena, CA
Artist: Moonroof – Album: Moonroof – 8 tracks – Johnny Liu and Hot Pie Studios – Pasadena, CA
Artist: Brothers Jondy – Album: Water Baby – 4 tracks – Home Recording - Vashon, WA

Core Teaching Skills: As a music teacher I like to focus on the fundamentals of musicianship when giving a lesson. It’s easy to want to get excited and learn a lot of material quickly, or even play through a song too fast and in the wrong spaces, but timing and listening skills are what I believe makes someone a great musician. I can break concepts down in a very mechanical way, or teach someone how to write something completely original to who they are. I can also teach about compositional space, or even frequential space in recording sound. Anyone looking to learn a lot about well-rounded concepts of music, being a musician, and growing as a seasoned guitar player will enjoy our lessons together!

Album MOONROOF: ------------
Album Tro-Tro to Tamale: ------------
Home Recordings, Brothers Jondy: ------------
Lead Guitar Style: ------------

“Everything is music, the wind, the stones, the stream; so listen in, and play in harmony!”