Grace Raymond
High School
Location: Redwood City, CA, USA
School: Castilleja School
Major: High School

Grace Raymond

Grace Raymond
970 Edgewood Rd, Redwood City, CA

Education: Castilleja School 2018-Present, Class of 2022

Extracurricular Varsity Soccer & Lacrosse Teams - Grades 9, 10
Activities: Brentwood Club - Grades 9,10 As a member of Brentwood Club I have worked with children at Brentwood School in East Palo Alto to encourage enthusiasm in reading and improve fluency among the students.
Changing pACE Member - Grade 10 As a member of Changing pACE, I work to help inform classmates of volunteer and internship opportunities throughout the Bay Area by updating their website and coordinating with school faculty.

Babysitter, Family and Friends - Grades 8, 9, 10
Junior Camp Counselor, Camp Wamp - Grades 9, 10
Camp Wamp is a camp for children with a diverse range of physical disabilities. As a junior counselor I worked with the senior counselors to help make camp fun for all of the campers despite their physical challenges.

Hobbies/Travel/Interests: Cooking, Baking, Traveling, Skiing, Soccer, Lacrosse, & Choir

Personal Statement: I am an enthusiastic, driven, and hardworking individual. As a student, I am organized and prepared. I always try my hardest,
and am not one to back down from a challenge. I love to work with others learning from them through the process, and always aim to be the best version of myself.

Hardworking, Cooking, Baking, Enthusiastic, Driven