Gary Rominger
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Location: College Park, MD, USA
University: UNiv of MD
Major: BS Mgmt

Gary Rominger

G A R Y M . R O M I N G E R , S R .
Seeking a professional position, full-time or part-time, involving proven skills in the mid-to-senior
level program management and/or administrative arena utilizing over 35 years’ experience as a
United States Army officer and employee within the federal government as well as service within
several United States Attaché Offices overseas.
2010 – Present Transportation Security Administration, Office of Security
Senior Program Manager-Acquisitions (Level III)
As the Program Manager for the Office of Security, I have direct oversight of all contracts and/or
Inter-Agency Agreements in excess of $200M in support of both the Personnel Security Division and
the Physical Security Division. I provide management, guidance and advice to all COTRs within the
Office of Security. Serve as the liaison and provide advice to Senior Leadership, TSA Office of
Acquisition, Office of Human Capital and other stakeholders/branches within TSA. Develop
Acquisition Plans for the Branch.
2006 – 2010 Transportation Security Administration, Personnel Security Division (PerSec),
Office of Security
Program Manager-Acquisitions (Level II)
Assigned as the COTR for and manage over 9 contracts with total contract value estimated at $105M
in support of the Personnel Security Division mission. This includes, but not limited to, providing
contractor personnel to perform personnel security assistance and security & suitability adjudication
services for all TSA personnel; providing contracts to support the administrative, logistical &
operational requirements of the division as well as inventory management duties. Led an IPT; was
Chairperson for Technical Evaluation Board, provide budget information for all programs to include
“out-years”; drafted the Personnel Security Division Acquisition Plan and have a daily working
relationship with all stakeholders. Provide space, personnel and operational management support for
Personnel Security Division.
2003 – 2006 Transportation Security Administration, Personnel Security Division (PerSec),
Office of Security
Deputy, Operations Support Units
Conduct management analysis for all processes within the department. Involved in developing,
revising and implementing improvements for procedures, work methods, and operational processes
for various programs within the PerSec. Involved with analysis and synthesizing requirements in
developing program initiatives and plans. Prepare documents and standards as well as assisting with
the oversight, leadership and guidance in the planning and execution of assigned projects. Supervise
23 personnel in the case load management for security investigations which includes, but not limited
to, file maintenance program, archiving, adjudications, tracking and accounting for all case files
(outgoing/incoming); manage the Credentialing & ID Card Unit.
2003 Transportation Security Administration (Contractor-USIS)
Operations Manager
Original concept was to manage an operations center at the Arlington TSA location consisting of 10-
15 personnel in the arena of database management and adjudication of background investigations. In
addition, proposed concept included, but not limited to, technical writing (SOP’s, directives, etc.),
facility management, and inventories of equipment/furniture/computer software & hardware and fingerprint center.) Responsible for tracking, monitoring and accounting for all incoming and
outgoing cases, files, documents, etc. Additional duties to be assigned: all customer service inquiries
to include, but not limited to, appeals, status checks, tracking of cases, congressional inquiries, etc.
2002-2003 Africa Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University
Arlington, VA
Facilities/Transportation/Logistics Manager
Directly responsible for all facets of facilities management which included, but
not limited to, office space allocation/design, furniture & equipment procurement; shipping and
receiving for all equipment & supplies to and from overseas locations as well as the point of contact
for customs clearance of the same when overseas. Responsible for inventory management of all
ACSS resources to include issue and turn-in, maintenance scheduling and procurement of all
equipment and supplies as needed. Conduct advance on-site operations and logistics visits to
designated countries for ACSS seminars.
1998-2002 American Red Cross, National Headquarters Washington, DC
Operations Coordinator
Planned, developed & implemented administrative operations, policies & programs. Complex
assignments which included, but not limited to work processes development in the areas of contract
procurement, budget preparation (over $3M), budget analysis, capacity planning for the department’s
mission and resources. Reviewed all actions managed by the Vice President of the department and
advised the Vice President on policies, programs and personnel issues; provided guidance to key
offices & directors of various divisions. I was also responsible for all financial status reports (using
ORACLE) for the Vice President. In addition, I was directly responsible for all administrative and
management activities to include travel, logistics and implementation of policies and regulations.
1996 American Red Cross Baltimore, MD
Team Manager
Supervised a team of nurses and managed the daily blood collection operations and donor selection
activities, with the consultation of a medical advisor. Directly responsible for the performance and
development of staff. Improved and assured donor service to all internal and external customers.
1993-1995 Sauminigs Office Products (now defunct) Columbia, MD
General Manager
Managed all aspects of a retail office products store. Responsible for inventory management,
inbound/outbound shipping; supervised 8 employees in the sales operations of the store. Provided
advice to the General Manager on merchandise procurement and display options.
1986-1992 US Army Attaché Management Division, INSCOM Hanover, MD
Chief of Division
Managed all aspects of a large service-oriented organization supporting over 500 military personnel &
their families assigned to American embassies. Involved with and participated in Acquisition
Planning group for the division. Supervised 14 staff in the performance of all aspects within the
human resource, budgeting/financial planning and personnel action arenas. Provided direction for
administrative support operations, administration and execution of planning, programming,
personnel management, records management (classified & unclassified), security management, space
utilization, contracting and procurement activities. I had oversight of physical and intelligence
security programs, which included security classification procedures. Provided career counseling and
career tracking for soldiers. I was directly responsible for recruiting enlisted and warrant officer
personnel for the U.S. Army Attaché program, which continues to be a highly visible diplomatic assignment. Provided advice to senior military & civilian officers (including ambassadors) in the
resolution of complex and sensitive matters relevant to the Defense Attaché System.
1972-1986 U.S. Army (various assignments) Overseas & U.S.A.
My career up until 1986 consisted of responsibilities within the administrative and operations arena
such as interpreting/translating articles for various types of reports from French to English,
intelligence reporting, budgeting, personnel management issues and writing standard operation
Managed all aspects of a large service-oriented organization. Provided technical guidance; initiated
and developed programs; provided in-house cross-training programs; participated in strategic
planning meetings; planned, staffed and conducted seminars. Results: Programs implemented
worldwide and adopted by other large agencies; employees were established as resident experts and
division was renowned for outstanding service.
Launched and implemented innovative public relations/marketing strategies. Used journal media and
the Armed Forces Television/Radio Network; interviewed for a special article for diplomatic duty;
initiated quarterly seminars at large military installations. Results: Exceeded quotas and established a
"pool" of stellar candidates; programs received exceptional recognition.
Created and implemented a recruitment committee for selection of qualified candidates for a large
organization. Established procedures and guidelines; developed written and oral tests. Results:
Severely reduced trainee failures; saved government time and money; provided outstanding
professionals for highly sensitive positions; eliminated potential security risks.
Developed and implemented a personnel motivation program for a large organization, which was
later, adopted by other national-level government agencies. Results: Improved morale and
production of staff members and their families.
Authored a proposal to initiate a much neglected personnel benefit program for staff of national
level organization. Conducted research and budget analysis; convinced higher-level agency of
importance and benefit. Results: Improved and increased recruitment; improved morale and
enhanced mission accomplishment.
1989 University of Maryland Maryland
BS in Business Management, G.P.A. 3.33
2008 DHS Virginia
Program Manager-Level II Certified Acquisition Professional
2012 DHS Virginia
Program Manager-Level III

TOP SECRET Security Clearance
Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications; MarkView; speak French and some German; North
and South Africa area experience/assignments; lived in Europe 20+ years.