Gabriel Toscano
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: University of California Los Angeles
Major: Theater

Gabriel Toscano

Gabriel Toscano

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Graduating theater major at UC Los Angeles with a focus in production design. Experience in the design, fabrication, allocation, and management of props, costumes, and scenic elements for film and theater productions with a desire to learn more skills in fabrication and design.

EXPERIENCE: Organization, Production, Location, Year, Position

Sigma Pi Fraternity
Misc events such as DAYDREAM Music Festival, other concerts, flyers, and snapchat filters
Los Angeles, CA
Graphic Artist and Production Designer

United Khmer Students at UCLA
អនិច្ចា : Limbo(Play)
UCLA Northwest Campus Auditorium, Los Angeles/Ernest Borgnine Theater, Long Beach
Winter 2019
T Shirt Graphic Designer for Event Promotion

UCLA Grad Thesis
Oxymorphone(Film Production)
Various Locations
Winter 2019
Props Designer

The Bear(Theater Production)
Highways Performance Theater, Santa Monica
Spring 2018
Puppets and Props Designer

Dually Noted Theatre Company
Plain Jane
UCLA Macgowan Hall 1330, Los Angeles
Spring 2018
Props Designer

UCLA Theater Program
Bully(Theater Production)
UCLA Macgowan Hall 1340, Los Angeles
Spring 2018
Ast. Costume Designer

UCLA Theater Program
The Long Christmas Ride Home(Theater Production)
UCLA Macgowan Hall 1340, Los Angeles
Winter 2018
Ast. Props(puppets) Designer

Act III Theater Ensemble at UCLA
Bonnie and Clyde(Theater Musical)
UCLA Northwest Campus Auditorium, Los Angeles
Winter 2017
Props Designer

Crewed over 10 productions
Designed/Ast. designed over 10 productions
Completed construction of a 17th century boned corset
Successfully completed my first animated short film(to be showcased in June 2020)


Specific Skills

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
Adobe Illustrator CS6 & CC 2018
Adobe Animate CC 2018
Experience utilizing a Wacom tablet and stylus
Experience with basic power tools ie. drills, jigsaws, bandsaws, skill saws, circular saws, rotary tools(such as dremels), power sanders, and nail guns
Ability to draft theater ground plans
Ability to draft costume patterns
Ability to develop scale models
Minor experience in silicone mold making
Basic electronics knowledge and skills such as soldering
Basic sewing and costume construction knowledge
Faux paint finishing and scenic painting skills
Experience in basic puppet Construction
Experience in actor fittings
Experience in setting up and striking for film and theater productions
Ability to develop logos and graphics for a number of applications ie, props, costume designs, etc

Personal Skills

Strong verbal communication
Strong communication ability through written or electronic correspondence
Ability to see a project through from conception and visualization to completion
Ability to thoroughly research and plan(ie materials needed for fabrication of designs, research for period pieces, etc)
Eye for detail (keeping track of props as they travel on set to keep continuity)
Ability to lead teams and delegate workloads
Ability to manage costumes and props for theater and film productions
Ability to quickly adapt to change
Driven passion to do my best work every time

University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
September 2015 - June 2019, Los Angeles
BACHELORS OF ARTS - THEATER - Props, Scenic, & Costume Design

Rich Rose
UCLA Professor and Dept. Vice Chair
Scenic Designer

Paul Girard
UCLA Professor
Costume Designer

Kevin Williams
UCLA Props Department
Props Fabricator

Chrisi Karvonides
UCLA Professor
Costume Designer

Props Design, Scenic Design, Costume Design, Production Design