Gabriel Kuykendall Resume
Geography and Environmental Science
Location: Laurel, MD, USA
School: University of Marlyand: Baltimore County
Major: Geography and Environmental Science

Gabriel Kuykendall Resume

Gabriel Kuykendall
9448 Fens Hollow Laurel MD 20723,------------, ------------

I am looking to work at an entry level position using GIS. I am looking to improve my knowledge and skills while contributing to my workplace and to grow in the professional field.

Major GPA: 3.15
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Baltimore, MD
Major: Environmental Science (BS); Geographical Information Systems(GIS) Certificate
Expected date of graduation: May 2019
Relevant Coursework
Advanced Applied GIS, Advanced Remote Sensing, Geo-Spatial Geography, Thematic and Statistical Cartography, Landscape Ecology with GIS Applications, Geomorphology, Oceanography, Organic Chemistry I & II and Lab, Physics I & 2, Statistics for Scientists and Engineers, Calculus II
Relevant Skills
ESRI Software, ArcGIS, ArcCatalog, ENVI Remote Sensing software, QGIS, RStudio, GeoDa, Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Python in ArcGIS and QGIS, SQL, Google Maps API
Leadership Experience
Assistant Director of Global Brigades- Agro-Business – UMBC
• Helped organize a sustainable volunteering trip for UMBC students to work in Nicaragua and helped Global Brigades UMBC to recruit across campus.
Treasurer of the Environmental Task Force - UMBC
• Volunteered to clean litter and remove invasive species from various places on campus to improve the environmental health.
• Treasurer requests funds from SGA for better tools and materials while going through the paperwork process in a timely manner and to meet in front of a SGA Treasurer board to complete the request.
New Member Educator, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity – UMBC
• Taught new members in a classroom setting, the importance of time management, campus involvement, and volunteerism in order to shape the future of the fraternity and to better campus.
Work Experience
GIS Analyst Intern, Baltimore County Public Works January 2019- November 2019
• Create informative maps and graphics to fit the requests of other agencies
• Review quality of previously done work to ensure accuracy and the completion of our work
• Perform various tasks during field work using a GPS unit
Project Assistant, UMBC Reslife May 2017-August 2017; May 2018- August 2018
• Worked on various projects to maintain high quality of UMBC’s residential halls
• Operated in small to large groups to finish projects efficiently
• Communicated effectively with tradesmen and upper management
Desk Staff, UMBC Reslife August 2016- January 2017
• Worked front desk of a resident hall
• Would monitor who was coming into the building and kept logs of important information.
Bonaparte Breads, Farmer’s Market Driver, Manager Summer 2016
• Managed daily operations for the bakery stand
• Developed relations with local residents for consistent sale
• Delegated financial and inventory handling to coworkers
Team Member, Project Lead the Way 2013 to 2014
• Worked with a team to identify alternative methods for restaurants to reuse vegetable oils
• Designed a frying pan to filter out food particles from vegetable oils in order to reuse as biofuel