Freelance writer, Student worker
Location: Lynchburg, VA, USA
School: Liberty University
Major: English

Freelance writer, Student worker

Brooke Smoke
1971 University Boulevard
Lynchburg, Virginia

I'm a college student, earning a degree in English at Liberty University. I am currently working in an office position in the English Department at my school. I have two years of experience writing content in the form of weekly articles for college news websites and have volunteered in transcription work for Liberty University. In general, I take the most pride in my attention to detail, adaptability, and passion for the written word.

Graduated May 2015
I grew up in a homeschool environment and attended co-ops where I learned and interacted with other homeschooled children. I found the experience to be overwhelmingly positive and gleaned a lot of life skills from learning in multiple environments. As a high-schooler, I was able to work ahead and get my degree a year early.

Liberty University
Bachelor's Degree, English Program
Lynchburg, Virginia
Graduating May 2020
I am a student in my junior year at Liberty University. In my education thus far, I've grasped how to create well-structured academic papers, gained more confidence in my ability to analyze literature, and have confirmed that the written word is indeed my passion and I'd love to continue to work in this realm. I am currently minoring in French and am seeking to extend my passion for language in a somewhat unfamiliar direction. Through this, I've gained a lot of appreciation for the minute details of the structure of a language and have found that extremely valuable.

Employment History

Food Service
Lynchburg, Virginia
November 2018 – February 2019
I worked at a small chain restaurant named Garbanzo that operated under Sodexo food company. Here I gained people skills and social confidence, got along smoothly with fellow employees, and had a good relationship with my manager and supervisors. I had to be adaptable, as I was occasionally moved to units in other locations on campus. I worked both in the back in prep and in the front with customers. I recently quit in order to pursue a work-study position in the English Department.

Liberty University English Department
Student Worker – Secretarial Position
Lynchburg, Virginia
February 2019 – Present
This is an office job where I spend most of my time answering phone calls, managing the front office space, and helping students find the information they need. I consider it very applicable experience to my future goals to work in similar environments and feel that I am gaining important skills as I go.

Freelance Writer/Ghostwriter
Remote/Warren County
I make a lot of my pocket cash through this hobby, but I find it to be an incredibly valuable way to get paid experience as a writer. Most of my work is now done through Upwork, writing articles and blog posts, but I am also on the list of freelancers for my local paper, The Warren Sentinel.

Professional Skills
Word Processing
Written Communication
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Office
Customer Service
Willingness to learn
Focused working style
General Office Duties
Food Prep
Food Service

Scott Cooksey
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Content Creator // Uloop News and The Odyssey Online
I got to work with some very kind people at the two college news sites listed above to create and publish some of my own articles. It was a great exercise in commitment and utilizing my content-creating skills. I wrote weekly articles and worked closely with an editor to get them up to standard before publishing. I did this for about two years and just got reconnected with Uloop to continue volunteering with their program.

Volunteer Transcriber // Jerry Falwell Library
I had the privilege of assisting the lovely people at Jerry Falwell Library with an exciting oral history project. The volunteers there are working to transcribe interviews of WWII veterans in order to create an accurate record of their words and experiences. The position is primarily centered around listening to the audio recording and taking down what was said, but also involves a lot of editing work and formatting.

Volunteer Cat Care // PetSmart, Lynchburg
I spent some time last semester cleaning the living environments of the cats in PetSmart’s adoption semester. I got some experience working with animals and putting in some elbow grease for a good cause. This is a volunteer position I continue to hold while I am a student at Liberty.

writer, intern