Fran's service resume
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Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA
School: University of St. Thomas
Major: Exercise Science, Kinesiology

Fran's service resume



Cafe Ena, Minneapolis, MN - Lead Server
Serve at a fine dining standard of service, having dense knowledge of wine descriptions and flavors as well as explain confidently and colorfully the food menu descriptions, nightly specials, flavors, gourmet techniques, and ingredients

Bachman’s Indoor Greenhouse, Minneapolis, MN - Indoor design team
Have an understanding of all plant inventory and warehouse products to offer best visually appealing and careable live plants for clients. Know what each plant needs to thrive and offer a tasteful eye to enhancing one’s space with greenery.

Herbie’s on the Park, St. Paul, MN - Bartender & Lead Server
OCTOBER 2018 - JULY 2019
Serve and bartend at a fine dining standard of service, having complete knowledge of wine, cocktails, and food menu descriptions, flavors, and ingredients. In addition, manage server sections and new hire training.

Fitzgerald’s, St. Paul, MN - Server & Promotions Coordinator
MARCH 2019 - JUNE 2019
Serve enthusiastically and efficiently with high volume table turnaround. Make chalkboard signs within and exterior to the building promoting special events and promotions. Assist in flipping restaurant into now known as “The Fitz”.

Oxcart Ale House & Rooftop, St. Paul, MN - Bartender & Shift leader
MAY 2018 - JUNE 2019
Full knowledge of drink recipes, providing high speed and efficient service for patrons of the bar while being flexible to assist servers with tables and drink orders, while being able to reiterate full understanding of menus, serve tables, and provided a fun and welcoming environment for co-workers and customers.

Cafe Astoria, St. Paul, MN - Team Leader, Server, Lead barista, & House Artist
JANUARY 2018 - AUGUST 2018
Demonstrate knowledge of menus and the health benefits of items while leading a team to promote a positive and friendly customer experience by being time efficient and organized among the vast crowds of patrons. Experienced in latte art. In addition, paint the large mural on the wall and keep the interior decoration of the cafe changing with aesthetically pleasing “instagramable” taste.

Dixie’s on Grand, St. Paul, MN - Server & Bartender
AUGUST 2016 - JUNE 2018
Display complete knowledge of menus (especially the extensive bourbon and whisky lists), take orders, and serve tables efficiently in a friendly and energetic manner, confidently manage host stand if necessary, utilize registers, and assist cleaning and kitchen staff.

Cafe Latte, St. Paul, MN - Barista & Wine bar attendant
AUGUST 2016 - JUNE 2018
Create the complete menu of drinks in a timely manner while interacting positively with customers.

Thipi Thai Restaurant, Chicago, IL — Server
MAY 2011 - AUGUST 2016
Display complete knowledge of menus, make drinks, take orders, and serve tables efficiently, utilize registers, and assist cleaning and helping kitchen staff.

artist, painter, customer service, positive energy