Finance Intern
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Location: New Brunswick, NJ, United States
School: Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Field of Study: Economics

Finance Intern


Versatile current college student studying economics and business with knowledge of computer science. Quick learner with technical prowess and the ability to work with a team. Past experience helping design/market products for eSports consumer market. Trusted figurehead in eSports community maintaining social media following and content creation. Experience with video production and editing.


• Past involvement and partnership with both established and start-up eSport companies such as Battle Beaver Customs, Smashproof, Light Shield, and Smash Crate.
• Content creator with experience in video production.
• Followings on YouTube and Twitter with high number of subscribers and views, with numbers continuing to grow everyday.
• Experience interacting with a large community and following. Passionate about helping, fielding countless questions and providing advice to viewers daily.
• Tested, reviewed, and helped develop products for the eSports market.


• Experience working with others and in teams. Reliable and understanding.
• Proficient in use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
• Experience marketing products to meet consumer interests.
• Video production and editing.
• Knowledgeable of Java, C, and assembly.
• Experience with social media management.
• Quick learner and can adapt easily to use new computer programs.


Major in Economics Current student graduating Spring 2019
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Minor in Business Administration Current student graduating Spring 2019
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ


Rutgers Dining Services Fall 2016 Semester
Included customer service, cooking, and participating in food preparation assembly in a team of 6 or more.