Film Production
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Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
School: King's college
Major: Associates Computer Networking

Film Production

------------ | C:------------ | Charlotte, NC 28278
Hardworking Feeder with exceptional track record of reliable attendance and high-quality work. Strong collaboration
skills to thrive in fast-paced, high-stress environments.
Adept at overseeing pre-production, production and post-production activities. Skilled project manager with
demonstrated expertise and proficiency in all facets of the process and software such as Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 &
Adobe After Effects 2020
Film making
Film production
Film and Video Production
Film editing
Film budgeting and scheduling
Film preparation
Film camera proficiency
Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
Proficient in Adobe After Effects 2020
Red Magic Bullet ready
Camera operator
Director of Photography
Self | Charlotte, NC
Freelance Film Director
12/2019 - Current
Safely transported equipment worth over $150,000 to various locations for
Used Sony, Red, Arri cameras to record component shots at over different
Handled technical setup such as lighting and sound for each shot.
Managed pre-production tasks such as developing content plans and
overall message for projects.
Designed preventive maintenance schedules for equipment and recording
Collaborated with specialists, producers and designers to produce original
video content for projects.
Edited over 1500 hours of footage from chronological production order
into story format and added effects using Adobe Premiere Pro and After
Set and maintained organized and detailed schedules for production.
Troubleshoot and repaired equipment to cut costs by 50%.
Configured shots based on daily needs, weather and lighting conditions
and available equipment.
Researched potential news or feature stories for timely and quality
distribution to public.
Produced documentaries, reality shows, red carpet premieres and live
Introduced fresh and new angles on previously-reported material to
update and inform readers.
Traveled over 1000 miles to conduct live, on-site reporting of unfolding
various events.
Filmed at the Latin Music Video Awards
Won 2019's Best Rock Music Video Award for the Carolina's
On Multiple Celebrity Production Sets operating.
Filmed for multiple companies such as Chemical guys, Live Nation, Carbon Fiber Music label.

Film maker, Cinematographer, Film Editor, Videos, Photography