Film Editor
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Location: Austin, TX, USA
School: University of Texas at Austin
Major: Radio - Television - Film

Film Editor


Heated Digital Video Short Film, Austin, Texas - Assistant Editor; March 2019 - Present
● Fine-tuned organizational workflow on the Adobe Premiere program for transferring between editing team
● Communicated with both the first editor and director on preferred scene takes, as well as practicing
initiative by separating selects for more efficient processing

Moody College Equipment Checkout, Austin, Texas - Student Associate; January 2018 - Present
● Trained in the identification and organization of film equipment, emphasizing proper care and handling of delicate devices and attachments
● Proposed equipment recommendations to aide in the production of various projects, ranging in medium

Femenina Digital Video Short Film, Austin, Texas - Lead Editor; March 2019 - May 2019
● Practiced the expediting of the post-production workflow in Avid Media Composer, through the configuration and transcoding of 4K into high-definition footage available for low-bandwidth streaming
● Collaborated with the color correctionist and sound designer, coordinating programs and file types

all(things)go Digital Video Short Documentary, Austin, Texas - Director, Producer; January 2019 - May 2019
● Supervised the entire creation of a personally inspired narrative - including the story development, shooting production, post-production, and film festival distribution
● Professionally organized meetings and interviewed subjects, establishing trusted connections to provide assurance of informational safety and to unfold the most authentic story

Two Little Deaths 35mm Short Film, Austin, Texas - Lead Editor; October 2018 - December 2018
● Contributed to every stage of the process - from pre-production stages such as casting to post-production editing - visualizing an unconventional, experimental narrative shot on the artistic medium of film rather than digital media


Delta Kappa Alpha Professional Cinematic Society, Austin, Texas - Active Member; Retired Philanthropy and Cinema Literacy Chair; September 2018 - Present
● Expanded professional network, gaining a diversity of storytelling perspective by volunteering time and resources in the position of Philanthropy and Cinema Literacy Chair to offer support to our community

Moody College Senior Fellows Program, Austin, Texas - Honors Student; April 2017 - Present
● Pursued academically challenging opportunities, such as museum exhibit studies and speciality lectures, and an environment in which to express deeper reflection and to embrace diversity of thought


East Austin Stories, Austin, Texas, Spring 2019
● Documented the stories of marginalized residents, including the directing and producing of a 9-minute documentary about a health and arts organization in East Austin

Introduction to Editing, Austin, Texas, Fall 2018
● Studied and practiced the workflow of editing, including the importance of individual organization and cooperative communication - ultimately earned first part of an Avid Media Composer certification

Introduction to Screenwriting, Austin, Texas, Fall 2018
● Exercised the practice of dissecting a story idea and script, learning what narrative elements as studied in acclaimed cinema create original ideas for a film and powerful emotions in the audience

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