Fashion Internship
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Location: Orange, New Jersey
School: Montclair State University
Major: Fashion Studies

Fashion Internship

Xiamara Emmanuel
Fashion Internship
Xiamara Emmanuel
150 Cleveland St. APT. A15
Orange, New Jersey 07050
I am a very dedicated student who is very determined to gain an internship in fashion. What I can bring to a company is my willingness to learn, use my skills to help in any way I can possible and to become appreciative for the great opportunities I will be given. What I hope to accomplish is to gain as much experience as I can in the field of fashion.

● New Product Development
● Product Marketing
● Strategic planning
● Fashion Illustration
● Advertising
● Budgets
● Creativity
● Drawing
● Event management
● Fashion
● Fine art
● Galleries
● Apparel
● Conflict resolution
● Customer satisfaction
● Entertainment
● Event planning
● Fashion design
● Brand development
● Creative suite
● Customer service
● Entrepreneurship
● Facebook
● Fundraising
● Highly ambitious
● Interviews
● Market research
● Marketing strategy
● Microsoft office
● Painting
● Project management
● Readiness
● Retail sales
● Leadership
● Microsoft PowerPoint
● Problem solving
● Public relations
● Recruiting
● Sales
● Logo design
● Market planning
● Microsoft word
● Time management
● Hand sewing


Forever 21
Part-time Sales Associate
● Creating plenty of solutions for both the customers and employees. Helped customers make decisions on which items or product were preferable for their needs. The accomplishments I gained from that experience is that I learned great social skills and also how to understand people’s needs.
● Designs featured in Montclair State University’s fashion show.
● Participated in designing google logo
● Still a current member of School’s fashion club

Montclair State University-Bachelors of Arts: Fashion Studies 2018
1 Normal Ave, Montclair, NJ 07050
● I’m currently a student attending my junior year at Montclair State University. I’m studying to become fashion designer in building up my skills to create desirable clothing, gowns, shoes, makeup and more. I’ve been designing independently for eighteen year now, and with the skills I’ve mastered through my education in fashion at Montclair State University, I’m more than ready to work in the fashion industry.

Essex County College - Fine Arts 2014-2015
303 University Ave, Newark, NJ 07102
● I completed five classes for each semester that i attended at Essex County College, by taking all requirement courses needed to transfer on to Montclair State University. I still continued on taking summer courses at Essex County College. The motivation of my none stop education from both Montclair State University and Essex County college helped me realized that I can accomplish my goals as long as I keep up my hard work.

Additional Information
● Highly ambitious in fashion, with background education in sales, marketing and management, fashion illustration, advertising and more.
● Eighteen years of independent fashion illustrations. Work very well with others. Great organization skills and product and project management.
● Budgeting and finance
● Self-motivated
● Conflict resolution

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