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Location: Highlands, TX, United States
School: Lee College
Field of Study: Biology

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Tara Hildebrand
Tara has 19+ years combined working in the new construction, maintenance, turn-around and capital projects. She is a results-driven professional with a progressive career in the construction industry. Highly effective communicator and team leader with proven ability to build long-term relationships with internal and external customers by establishing a high level of confidence and trust. Visionary leader that introduces out-of-the box thinking and problem-solving with a keen understanding of business priorities and demonstrated expertise in rapidly advancing business goals. Familiar with all aspects of daily business operations including; Cost Engineering, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Personnel/Payroll, Human Resource and numerous administrative functions.
Relevant Project Experience
 Project Controls on NAGrowth Interconnects Project, ExxonMobil, Mont Belvieu, Texas. Responsibilities included JPCS, FLA, tracking FDNs, Manpower Forecasting, Equipment Log; provided information for weekly and monthly reports.

 Project Controls on Project Elite Synthetics, ExxonMobil, Baytown, Texas. Responsibilities included JPCS, FLA, tracking FDNs ,and change orders; provided information for weekly and monthly reports.

 Project / Subcontractor Coordinator, 1792 Control Room, Chevron Phillips, Baytown, Texas. Responsibilities included payroll, coded invoices, procurement, and assisted with benefit packages; worked with client on getting new contractors in the plant; interacted with subs regarding their daily paperwork, permits, etc.; monthly pay applications and sub-draw sheets.

 Cost Tracker. Responsibilities included payroll, per diem, travel for employees, daily cost reports to client, and weekly invoices; numerous turnarounds, and shut downs, at multiple locations including Ardmore, Oklahoma; Port Arthur, and Beaumont, Texas; Lake Charles, and Norco, Louisiana; and Wilmington, California. Clients included:

- Valero
- ConocoPhillips
- Rohm and Haas
- America Styrenics
- Exel Paralubes

 Project Controls, Bayer, Baytown, Texas. Responsibilities included: track unit workhours by estimates and FNOCs, research in SAP, progress work orders from field, document control – receive and distribute packages, electronically track packages, and FNOC logs; invoice increase FNOCs and POs also reimbursable FNOC all with signatures required; Weekly report to cost.
Exxon –MBPP NA Growth, Mont Belvieu, TX
Client: EXXON
Title: Cost Engineer
Start/End Dates: July 2014–Present
Scope/Description: New construction, built Hexene Tank, FTO, Control Room, Interconnect feed to the new polypropylene plant
Responsibilities: Cost Controls duties, forecasting, budgeting, PAR’s, cash flow, prepare and tracking of field change orders, provide and assemble information for the weekly and monthly deliverables such as cash flow and internal cost reports.
Marathon Project, Texas City, TX
Client: Marathon (former BP)
Title: Cost Engineer
Start/End Dates: August 2013–July 2014
Scope/Description: The program consisted of multiple projects
Responsibilities: Established project budgets, prepared internal cost reports, workhour reports, maintaining TIC commitments, forecasting engineering hours and dollars, reporting progress and productivity on a monthly basis, preparing and tracking project change orders, prepare monthly cash flow report, prepare monthly accruals report, support project team and cost department on general project controls issues, and implementing specific control procedures; works closely with the project managers and all project disciplines; also responsible for 5 different projects.
Project Elite Revamp Construction, Baytown TX
Client: Exxon
Title: Cost Engineer
Start/End Dates: February 2013–August 2013
Scope/Description: Construction activities were Temporary Facilities, New Tank Area, and Existing Tank Area,
Responsibilities: Prepared internal cost reports, maintaining TIC commitments, forecasting, reporting progress and productivity on a monthly basis, preparing and tracking project change orders, prepare monthly cash flow report.
Project 1792 Control Room, Baytown TX
Client: Chevron Phillips
Title: Project/Subcontractor Coordinator
Start/End Dates: July 2012–February 2013
Scope/Description: Blast proof building
Responsibilities: Weekly payroll, code invoices, procurement, benefit packages, worked with the client on getting new subs in the plant, interacted with the subs regarding their daily paperwork required to the plant. Monthly pay apps, and draw sheets.
Multiple projects @ Multiple locations: Ardmore Oklahoma, Port Arthur & Beaumont, Corpus Christi Texas, Lake Charles, Norco Louisiana and Wilmington California
Client: Valero, ConocoPhillips, Rohm and Haas, America Styrenics, Exel Paralubes, TOTAL, Citgo
Title: Cost tracker
Start/End Dates: August 2008–July 2012
Scope/Description: Maintenance repairs and preformed catalyst exchanges.
Responsibilities: Weekly payroll/per diem/mileage for employees, daily reports and weekly invoicing.
Multiple projects – Growth with the company
Client: Merichem, Lyondell, Bayer, Exxon, Chevron
Title: Project Controls, Unit Price invoicing A/P, Office Manager, Timekeeper, Document Control
Start/End Dates: 1997–2008
Scope/Description: Maintenance – New Construction - Turnarounds
Responsibilities: Timekeeping responsibilities, Document Control responsibilities, Weekly invoicing, Unit Price Invoicing, progressing work and preparing and tracking project change orders.
Areas of Expertise
• Cost Engineering
• Cash Flow Analyst
• Field Cost/Field Labor Analysis
• Scope Control
• Change Management
• Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel
• New Construction
• Capital Projects
• Constructability
• Maintenance Projects
• Turnarounds

Employment History
List all employers, beginning with Jacobs and proceeding with each previous employer during your professional career.
Jacobs 2013–Date
Cost Engineer
Barlett Cocke 2012–2013
Project/Subcontract Coordinator
Cat Spec (Stronghold) 2008–2012
Cost Tracker
Jacobs 1997–2008
Project Controls, Unit Price invoicing A/P, Office Manager, Timekeeper, Document Control
Wismer Distributing 1990–1997
Inventory Controller, Driver Process, Merchandiser
Anne Lowe, Project Controls, Worley Parsons,------------, ------------
Lori Kirkpatrick, Lead Track Admin, Valero,------------, ------------