Executive Personal Assistant
Communication Studies
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
University: University of Texas at San Antonio
Major: Communication Studies

Executive Personal Assistant

My name is Maria Garcia and I have 4+ years experience as an Executive Personal Assistant. What differences me from others is my adaptability to any work environment and how impeccably efficient I am. I have helped build a company up from the very ground. What makes me excellent at what I do is my passion to be of service. Being a personal assistant is to provide an impeccable, almost perfect service. I am qualified for this position as I have been of service for several CEO's making their jobs easier. I have grown and developed projects and brands by myself, with the guide of my supervisors. I am independent and I have the skill of being ahead of the game and knowing exactly what proceeds and what the supervisor/boss needs. I have been the personal assistant to a CEO of a TV Network, CEO and owner of a PR Agency, and to a small business owner as well.

What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?
As a Digital Executive Assistant to the CEO at aMAEzing Marketing group, I would assist every meeting of the CEO and make sure everything got noted, registered, and clear for everyone at the meeting. I would arrange meetings, interviews, schedules and calendars, phone calls, time sheets, special projects and events, and much more. I would also do research on potential clients and projects or campaigns, reach out to them with well developed proposals, and get the clients to join the team or get the project campaign to be ours and start working on it. My job was basically reading my boss’s mind and thinking critically to get everything done in a CEO’s way. “If you want something done well, do it yourself.” I have managed 4+ client's social media accounts at a time for long periods of time. I created and submitted a Request for Proposal for the City of San Antonio and got selected among 100+ candidates. The proposal included different ideas, projects, and campaigns for their company's social media. When elected, I proceeded and developed the project successfully for 6 months. I helped build the company up and we accomplished significant online and offline growth.
I am the perfect candidate as I have 3+ years of experience in this field. I am self-motivated, independent, and I always take initiative.
I’m the perfect fit for this job because I’m a goal getter, I’m self-motivated, and I work perfectly well under pressure. My work ethic and the skills I practice are impressive and impeccable. I would love for this company to ask for references so my previous supervisors back up my word. I have always been someone’s right hand. The people I have worked for have never wanted to let me go because I do the most and the best always. I am efficient and a quick learner. I challenge myself to be better every day and I love meeting any expectative. I have worked from home before and I have brought amazing results to any projects assigned. I have also helped a company succeed and build up. I have worked for different clients at a time and they have all loved my work.
I guarantee that my time and effort will bring results and success to your company.

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