Evan Cheney Resume
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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: Loyola Marymount University
Field of study: English

Evan Cheney Resume

Evan Cheney

Skills: Creativity, Advanced Writing Techniques, Effective Communicator, Leadership

• Juice tender/marketing consultant | Liquidology | January, 2013- August, 2016
- Liquidology is an organic cold- pressed juice company in Sacramento, Ca. As a juice tender, I had to have extensive knowledge of the produce used in the juice. This includes the various health benefits of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. As a marketing consultant, I used my creative talents to think of the names of juices and slogans such as, “Juicy Well-Being” to help the brand become a recognized member of the community.
• Retail Staff| Urban Remedy| February, 2017- May 2017
- Urban Remedy is an organic cold-pressed juice company, located in Lafayette, Ca. With the companies ties to Eastern medicine traditions, I learned a lot about food’s effect on the body and natural ways to heal yourself.
• Intern| AECIQ| June, 2017- August, 2017
- AECIQ is a national database that compiles information on the best architects and engineers in the industry. Acting as a middle man, we would get in contact with employees that companies were interested in.
• Sales Associate| Pressed Juicery| April, 2018- April 2019
- Pressed Juicery is an international cold-pressed juice company. As one of their sales associates, I do various tasks such as inventory, working the POS, learning about the product, making phone calls, providing customer service, and partaking in public outreach.
• Tonic Bar Operator(operating smoothies, juice machine, and espresso)| Erewhon| April,2019-Present
- Erewhon is an up and coming organic grocery store chain with five locations. With the tonic bar alone making over five thousand dollars, I’ve definitely had to learn how to work under high pressure circumstances. As the tonic bar operator, I rapidly switched between blenders, espresso machine, and juicer. Amidst all the high volume activity, I also have to make frequent runs to restock, clean, or prep vegetables.
• Intern| Cinelou Films| May 2019-Present
- At Cinelou films, I’ve gotten a taste of the Hollywood film industry. My tasks include writing in depth script coverages, helping work social media, creating power points, and editing. Occasionally, I get on the phone to deliver offers for deals to talented writers whose work we appreciate.
• Bradshaw Christian High School: 4.2 GPA, Principal’s List, A.P. Scholar
• Saint Mary’s College of California: 3.6 GPA, Honor Scholarship, Saint Mary’s Scholarship
• Loyola Marymount University: 3.9 GPA, Academic Scholarship, Tau Sigma Honor Society, Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Bachelors in English
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