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Location: Hollywood, FL, USA
School: ESL, Portuguese, Arts
Major: Arts / Design / Architecture


IVAN CASARINI 1332 South 33rd Road FL 33021

ESL and Portuguese teacher skilled and experienced in motivating and mentoring students of all ages and learning levels. Practical language experience living in England where I took my Proficiency levels from 1989 to 1991 and in the Netherlands from 1996 to 2001 while doing my bachelor in arts.
With twenty-one years of experience, I am today a skilled ESL instructor, using effective and efficient methods of teaching while focusing on the individual needs of each student. As a private ESL Tutor of Business English, I helped international professionals increase their vocabulary, fluency and cultural understanding of practical legal, cultural and social aspects of doing business around the world.
Multi cultural experienced as a traveller, I also visited many countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.Energetic and experienced in teaching, I am constantly learning from a diverse range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds which I passion for.

-Multi cultural experienced ü Good mediator
-Out of the box thinker

-Currently working at Talk Aventura (04/2018- present)

-Self-Employed Jan 2009-2016, Brazil
After 7 years experience in the Corporative Business environment, I decided to dedicate full time to the private tutoring of ESL and Portuguese using Skype tool and in person. Within two years as a private tutor, allied to competence, dedication, hard work and experience I was able to triple my formal income as a Supply Chain Team Leader of a multinational company; I had no more time in my agenda for new students!
By developingprograms thataim toincrease interest in higher learning,I kept the majority of my students loyal to their classes for years. I have consistently received positive feedback and indications from formal and current students to newer ones.

-Business ESL Teacher
-Pro English School Jan 2006-Dec-2008, Brazil
During my administrative experience in Business Corporations I was able to keep my position of ESL Teacher as a part time job. My experience in multi nationals created a good link between my skills in teaching English and the complexity of doing global business. Here, I also created a Marketing and Pedagogical Plan, which in time, helped sales goals and contributed academically to the improvement of the school.

-Children and Adults ESL Teacher
-CCBEU School Jan 2002-Dec-2005, Brazil
Working at CCBEU was very significant in my career as a teacher. I was responsible for a wide range of learning levels and age range. I participated in several workshops and seminars around the State of Sao Paulo, which contributed tremendously to the skills I have today as a teacher. At this institution I fully learned the importance of teamwork and shared information among tutors both methodologically and socially. The school also developed incentive yearly programs for teachers who wanted to contribute with new ideas to improve the school program. Follows two of my contributions:
-Class plan and chronogram, which adopted the use of recording cameras to help students improve their pronunciation skills by listening to themselves.
-Developed a Method-Proposal Class Plan that aimed to create a special pedagogical plan to assist hearing deficient students to learn English as a second language. I individually taught two students as such with very good results.
-CNA School June 1995-July 1996, Brazil
CNA was my first experience as an ESL teacher and surprisingly, one of the most intense. In my short experience at this school, I quickly learned that I had a special aptitude for the job and was immediately exposed to a wide variety of age ranges and learning levels.
My innermost creativity combined with good humor, dedication and training support, helped me became fast recognized by the school coordinator Alejandra Vanquez (today a registered teacher at the prestigious American School in Campinas.) who pointed me as her substitute for the Coordination Position.
-Gerrit Rietveld Academy- Holland
-Bachelor Arts / Architectural Design – 2001 Amsterdam.

-PUCC- Brazil-Pontificia Catholic University of Campinas
-Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing – 1988 Campinas S.P.

-Burlington College-England
-Proficiency English Levels – 1991 London.

-Power Point

-Italian-speaking and listening
-Spanish-speaking and listening
-Dutch-basic/intermediate skills
-French-basic/intermediate skills