Erin Weber Resume
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Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
School: University of Arizona
Field of Study: Art Education

Erin Weber Resume

Objective: I am looking for a job in Austin, Texas. I have experience in a wide variety of media and can provide creative and engaging lessons, while also effectively and positively managing a studio.

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Culture Education: University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ:
December 19, 2014
- K-12 Art Education Certified in the state of Arizona
- AIA Swim Coach Certified
- AP Art History Certified
Job Experience
Amphitheater High School, Tucson, Arizona: February 2015-Present: 2D/3D Art Teacher
- Teach high school 2D/3D Art and AP Art History to a diverse student population.
- Plan lessons for beginning and intermediate level courses using a variety of media such as pencil, printmaking, painting, and ceramics.
- Coordinate educationally enriching field trips in state as well as out of state.
- Work with underserved and English language learner students
- Provide mentoring services to new teachers
- Coach high school swim, provide drills, fundraising opportunities, and team building events.
The University of Arizona Think Tank; Tucson, AZ: Fall of 2011-Fall 2014 (Writing Tutor)
- Provided personal assistance, instruction and guidance to university students
- Collaborated with University faculty to improve student attendance and awareness
- Attended regular tutor enrichment sessions to improve my own teaching skills

Professional Development:
- AVID Leadership Training; San Antonio, TX: June 2017
o Collaborated with other southwest teachers to create college and career ready students
- AP by the Sea Summer Institute; San Diego, CA: June 2017
o Received training in AP Art History curriculum requirements
o Collaborated with other art history teachers to create successful lessons
- Love and Logic Training; Tucson, AZ: August 2017-May 2018
o Received training based on the philosophies and resources of Jim and Charles Fay
- National Board Certification; Tucson, AZ: 2018- Present
o Currently pursuing National Board Certification in Art: Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

Visual Art Skills:
- 2-Dimensional: Oil paints, Watercolor, Acrylic, Tempera, Silk Screen, Woodblock Printing, Charcoal, Ink, Pencil, Oil/Chalk Pastels.
- 3-Dimensional: Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Clay, Wood Carving, Wire Sculpture, Plaster, Wax.

Art Education, Art, Manager, Studio